Gimpo FC of the K-League 2 announced an official statement regarding the death of a youth player a year ago.

While the leaders who were judged to be responsible were dismissed after one year, CEO Seo Young-gil also stepped down.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


In April of last year, a young player of Gimpo FC passed away in the club’s dormitory.안전놀이터

The will claimed that there was verbal abuse by coaches and bullying by colleagues, but after a year, the club took action against the leaders who were judged to be responsible.

First of all, Seo Young-gil, CEO of Gimpo FC, who voluntarily held a press conference, announced his intention to resign.

<Seo Yeong-gil/CEO of Gimpo FC> “I will step down as the CEO of Gimpo FC with an apologetic heart. I sincerely apologize, hoping that my resignation will ease the hearts of the bereaved families.”

In the meantime, bereaved families and civic groups have demanded prompt fact-finding and disciplinary action, but the process has been slow.

After an eight-month investigation, the Sports Ethics Center requested discipline for three people, including the manager and coach, in January.

The club, which had already been criticized for renewing contracts with those who were judged to be responsible for the death of the deceased,

excluded those personnel from their duties on the 13th of last month.

On the 5th, the Gimpo Police Station sent four people, including the director and coach, to the prosecution for violating the Child Welfare Act, and the club also belatedly dismissed them.

<Seo Yeong-gil/CEO of Gimpo FC> “I have been closely watching the Sports Ethics Center and police investigations. However, as the results of the investigation were delayed, I am very sorry that the expectations of the bereaved families were not met.”

The current Korea Football Association is also in the state of disciplinary procedures against them.

Meanwhile, the Sports Ethics Center investigation found that there were other victims.

Considering additional investigations and legal battles, it is expected that it will take a considerable amount of time.

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