“It will bother you a lot.”

For NC Dinos Koo Chang-mo (26), this year is a season at a critical crossroads. In December of last year, he signed a multi-year contract with NC for up to 8 years and 13.2 billion won, and his value was recognized. Although he has never played a full-time season, he knows what kind of power a ‘healthy Gu Chang-mo’ has, so he bet for the next seven years.

Even as a Goo Chang-mo, he felt a lot of pressure. Above all, I was curious about how the records of the ‘Full Changmo’ season would be sorted. “I am also curious about the results of the full season,” said Koo Chang-mo himself, expressing his expectations and curiosity.

It is this year that the role of the ‘national representative’ must be fulfilled before the role of ‘NC Ace’. Koo Chang-mo, who was selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) team to be held in March, is called the right person to inherit the genealogy of the next-generation national left-handed ace. Kim Gwang-hyeon and Yang Hyeon-jong (35) have been responsible for the national team mound for over 10 years, but now Koo Chang-mo must serve as the successor to these ‘Kwang Hyeon-jong’.

He was selected for the 2017 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC) tournament, which was mainly composed of young players, and received the modifier of the future. Afterwards, he was selected for the WBSC Premier 12 national team in 2019 and seemed to take over the successor position. At that time, national team coach Kim Gyeong-moon had high expectations. It seemed that all that remained was to confirm that he was the right person for the left-handed lineage. However, even after being selected as the final member, he had to drop out due to a back stress fracture injury. Eventually, after four years, he rejoined the national team. 

Since his debut, Koo Chang-mo has consistently referred to Yang Hyeon-jong as a role model, and recently he has become close enough to contact him often. Of course, I also have admiration for Kim Gwang-hyun. She always waited for an opportunity to be with them, but the opportunity never came. I got a chance at this WBC.  카지노사이트

As much as his own full-time season, he is looking forward to his time with Yang Hyun-jong and Kim Gwang-hyun. “I’ve been waiting for the day to play baseball together in the same uniform,” said Chang-mo Koo. Only now did the opportunity come. They are seniors who have a lot to see and learn just by being together.” I will follow them around a lot and ask them questions and ask about their experiences of how international competitions are different.”

Koo Chang-mo started preparing for the season early. He is currently conducting individual training in Jeju Island with Minwoo Park and Minseok Cho. He said, “I am in such a physical condition that it is okay to pitch from now on,” and promised that he would not stop from the WBC to the regular season

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