Yasmin wears a Pepper Savings Bank uniform.

Yasmin will wear a Pepper Savings Bank uniform as the second overall in the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Women’s Foreign Player Draft held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Umraniye Grand Ballroom in Turkey on the 13th at 5:00 pm (11:00 pm Korean time). done.

In her last two seasons, Yasmin has played her best in a Hyundai Construction uniform. However, her first season ended prematurely due to ‘Corona 19’, and her second season was disappointing as she dropped out due to a shoulder injury followed by a back injury. Yasmin will be playing her third season in her South Korea as she was nominated by Pepper Savings Bank in this draft.

Shortly after her nomination, Yasmin said, “As soon as she knew she would be recovering from her back injury, she wanted to go to Korea. She is grateful to be able to play for Pepper Savings Bank for the new season.” told

Yasmin recalled playing against Pepper Savings Bank in a Hyundai Construction uniform, saying, “I always thought it was a team that was improving. From the beginning to the last match, I felt that she was steadily improving.” .

When asked when he would join the team, Yasmin, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation, said, “I will join the team when I need it. I am ready. I am getting better quickly and I want to return to the court.”

When asked how long it would take for him to regain his peak form at the beginning of last season, Yasmin said, “My spine has recovered. Now I am focusing on increasing my power. I think it will have come up a lot when I joined.” said.

When asked if she knew that outside hitter Park Jung-ah and middle blocker MJ Phillips had joined, Yasmin smiled. He said, “I know it well. I met Park Jung-ah in Korea, and I played with MJ in the Philippines. It would be fun to be with a new team.”토토사이트

Yasmin had dinner with club officials right after his signing. There was a comfortable part because I communicated with director Aachen Kim and secretary general Jeong Seong-woo in English. He also finished the call with CEO Jang Matthew.

Yasmin expressed satisfaction with this part, saying, “In terms of communication, I don’t think there will be any problems without an interpreter.”

Yasmin was the best foreign player in the V-League. His third season accompanies Pepper Savings Bank. I’m already curious about what trajectory it will show

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