Hyundai E&C has recruited Yvone Montaño, a substitute.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction announced on the 6th that it has recruited Montaño, who is active in the Turkish league, in place of Yasmin Bedart, who has been absent for a long time since the last 3 rounds due to a back injury.

Montaño, who signed the contract on the 6th, plans to show off to domestic fans after going through the international transfer agreement (ITC) issuance and player registration procedures.

Montaño is a Colombian international. When he was active in the Swiss league in the past, he was the top scorer for two consecutive years, and his fast attack is considered his strength to the extent that he won the MVP. His vision to every corner of the court is also known to be good.

He currently plays as the main striker for Murat Pasa Belediyeje in the Turkish second division. He was a major force in the team’s ranking race to advance to the playoffs.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction said, “Montaño is a player who has played in the Turkish league until recently, and can be put into actual matches immediately. His quick attack and wide field of view are considered his strengths, so he is expected to be a great help to the team’s attack.” .

Montaño also shared his thoughts. He expressed his will, saying, “I am excited to be able to play in the Korean league I wanted to play in, and I plan to pour all my volleyball skills into helping Hyundai E&C, the current top team, win the championship until the end.” 바카라사이트

Meanwhile, Hyundai E&C said, “We plan to take full responsibility for the treatment of Yasmin, who is undergoing long-term treatment for a back injury, and will spare no support so that she can recover in good health.”

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