“That’s the power of a 20-homer hitter in Jamsil.”

Even the “Asian Home Run King,” who has hit 626 arches in his career, was surprised by Doosan’s Yang Seok-hwan (32), who hit a home run with a launch angle of 48 degrees that traveled 99.9 meters and landed in the stands at Jamsil Stadium.

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop said before the team’s home game against KT at Jamsil Stadium on June 6, “I thought it was a normal fly because it was so high. Even I went to first base with my head down,” he said, laughing, “I thought it was a gust of wind.” Yang Seok-hwan also had a surprised look on his face, saying, “I don’t know why it was a home run.”

Yang’s two-run homer, which broke open a 5-0 deficit and effectively sealed the game, was his 16th of the season, putting him four shy of 20 homers for the third straight season. With 53 games remaining, including this one, he should be well on his way barring injury. Yang Seok-hwan is also a power hitter and tends to produce home runs once he finds his groove.

It is not easy for a player who calls Jamsil Stadium home to surpass 20 home runs in more than three years. “I was surprised, but it proves the power of Yang Seok-hwan to hit more than 20 home runs in the spacious Jamsil Stadium,” said Lee. “With Kim Jae-hwan in a slump and Yang Ji unable to play due to side pain, Yang Seok-hwan’s punching power is more urgently needed,” he said.

Yang is having a checkup today because he has a cold and stiffness in his side. Lee explains that it is difficult for him to play as a substitute because it is uncomfortable when he swings. “He’s a player who can hit long balls whenever the ball flies on his favorite course,” Lee said, “but I hope he can hit more home runs, even if it’s by ghost-hitting.”메이저사이트

When asked what home runs hit by others have stuck in his mind as the ‘Asian Home Run King’ with 626 home runs in the KBO and Nippon Professional Baseball, he gave a clever answer, saying, “I don’t remember any, but I remember Jose Rojas’ walk-off home run (in the opening game) and Kim Jae-hwan hitting a changeup for a home run.”

“I hope there will be many memorable home runs in the remaining games,” he laughed. These are the honest wishes of a rookie commander in the center of the ranking battle.

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