Pepper Savings Bank once again won the Korea Expressway Corporation after a bloody battle in the final set.

Pepper Savings Bank scored a set score of 3-2 (23-25, 25-15, 18-25, 25-17, 15 -12) I won.

With this victory, Pepper Savings Bank recorded 4 wins, 25 losses and 11 points. Although they were still bottom of the table, they got their second win against the same team for the first time this season. In addition, he showed his progress to volleyball fans by recording his 4th win, surpassing his 3 wins last season. On the other hand, Korea Expressway Corporation, which suffered a painful defeat, maintained 3rd place with 16 wins, 13 losses and 48 points, but was left with regret as it could not widen the gap with 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation (43 points).

Pepper Savings Bank led the victory with Nia Reed 32 points, Lee Han-bi 21 points, Park Kyung-hyun 14 points, Choi Ga-eun 10 points, and Seo Chae-won 8 points. The game was solved with a 12-8 advantage in blocking and a 6-2 advantage in sub, and 17 errors were fewer than the opponent (20).

On the other hand, Korea Expressway Corporation had Park Jeong-ah with 24 points, Catbell with 21 points, Bae Yuna with 15 points, and Moon Jeong-won with 7 points, but lost in the end with severe ups and downs in each set. In five matches between the two teams this season, Korea Expressway Corporation still showed an advantage with 3 wins and 2 losses, but the fact that Pepper Savings Bank won 2 wins came to a great meaning.

For Pepper Savings Bank, Apposite Spiker Nia Reed (4), Outside Hitters Lee Han-bi (2) and Park Kyung-Hyun (5), Middle Blockers Choi Ga-Eun (3) and Seo Chae-Won (5), Setter Lee Go-Eun (1), Libero Oh Ji-Young were on the court first. stepped on

For the road construction, Apposite Spiker Moon Jeong-won (3), outside hitters Catbell (4) and Park Jung-ah (1), middle blockers Jung Dae-young (2) and Bae Yuna (5), setter Lee Yoon-jung (6), and libero Lim Im-ok were the starters.

Early in the first set, Korea Expressway Corporation took a 6-3 lead thanks to Park Jung-ah’s consecutive goals. Jeong Dae-young and Park Jung-ah alternately scored, making the score 8-4.

When Pepper Savings Bank pursued with Nia Reed’s blocking score and Lee Han-bi’s hard hit, the road construction ran away again with Bae Yu-na’s time difference attack followed by a moving attack score. Catbell flew from the back and scored.

When the Korea Expressway Corporation maintained a 21-17 lead with Bae Yoo-na’s two goals, Pepper Savings Bank pressed Park Kyung-hyun’s consecutive hits to 19-21.

In a close match, when the road construction team took the lead with Catbell’s center back score, Pepper Savings Bank regained strength with Park Kyung-hyun’s left strike. However, Nia Reed’s back attack that followed was out, leaving regret.

Pepper Savings Bank continued to pursue in 20-23. Lee Han-bi’s strong hit and opponent’s mistake caught up to 22-23. This time, the road construction got out of the crisis with Catbell’s central back attack. Catbell finished the set with a final blow. The score was 25-23.

2 sets . At Pepper Savings Bank, Choi Ga-eun moved to number 4. The road construction was the same formation as the first set.

Pepper Savings Bank showed concentration in the early stages. Nia Reid responded to Lee Han-bi and Park Kyung-hyeon’s strong hits and took a 5-point lead to 7-2.

Nia Reed, Park Kyung-hyun, and Lee Han-bi’s attacks alternated once again, and the scoreboard pointed to 15-9. Choi Ga-eun took a technical timeout with a 16-9 lead as a sub-ace.

Pepper Savings Bank continued to exert its strength. With Nia Reed’s rear attack and Lee Han-bi’s forward strike, the score went up to 20-13.

In the end, the second set was taken by Pepper Savings Bank. Choi Ga-eun’s blocking goal and Nia Reid’s quick goal scored 25-15 on the scoreboard.

3 sets . The road construction started with Moon Jeong-won at number 4. Pepper Savings Bank has Nia Reid back at number 4.

The Korea Expressway Corporation took a 3-1 lead with Bae Yu-na’s quick break and a serving ace followed by Catbell’s blocking score.

Jeong Dae-young’s blocking goal, Bae Yoo-na’s quick attack, and the opponent’s mistake led to an 11-7 lead.

When Pepper Savings Bank chased after Choi Ga-eun’s consecutive spike serve scores, the road construction grabbed the flow by running to 18-12 with Catbell’s back attack, Park Jung-ah’s consecutive scores, and Jeong Dae-young’s serve ace. Bae Yoo-na blocked Lee Han-bi’s attack following Sae-chae-won’s attack, making 21-13, and the flow tilted.

Amid Jeon Sae-yan’s finishing goal, Korea Expressway Corporation won the third set 25-18.

4 sets . Pepper Savings Bank has regained its strength. Nia Reid and Seo Chae-won scored to take a 6-3 lead. 메이저사이트

The score got progressively worse. Pepper Savings Bank confirmed its 10-6 advantage with Nia Reed’s back-slash and Lee Han-bi’s blocking score, and Lee Han-bi and Park Kyung-hyeon’s strikes increased the lead to 15-10. It didn’t end here. After the opponent’s mistake, Seo Chae-won’s score led 20-12 and cheered.

In the end, the 4th set was won by Pepper Savings Bank. Nia Reid led the attack and finished the set with the opponent’s serve. The score was 25-17.

Last 5 sets . With Moon Jung-won and Catbell scoring, the road construction took the early lead. Catbell blocked Nia Reed’s attack and took a 3-0 lead. Pepper Savings Bank drew a 3-3 tie with Lee Han-bi’s strong hit and Nia Reed’s strong hit following the opponent’s mistake.

After that, a fierce battle ensued. Nia Reed’s right-handed hit put Pepper Savings Bank ahead 6-5. Highway Corporation tied the game 6-6 with Catbell’s touchout score.

The final battle for supremacy unfolded. The flow was Pepper Savings Bank. Nia Reed and Lee Han-bi alternately succeeded in attacking and took a huge lead to 10-6. Due to Lee Han-bi’s hard hit and opponent’s mistake, the scoreboard indicated 12-6.

The Korea Expressway Corporation counterattacked until the end with Park Jung-ah at the forefront, but Pepper Savings Bank finished the game with a victory with Nia Reid’s strong blow. It was the moment when Pepper Savings Bank won a dramatic victory.

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