It wasn’t that I was injured or that I was pushed out of the competition, but I couldn’t play. Nevertheless, Oh Ji-young found the role he had to play and fulfilled it faithfully. As a result, he contributed to the team’s valuable victory.

Pepper Savings Bank defeated GS Caltex with a set score of 3-1 (26-24, 24-26, 25-23, 25-23) in the 4th round of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s Division held at Pepper Stadium in Gwangju on the 23rd. . It was the first win of 2023 and the first win at home this season. This day’s game received a lot of attention in that Oh Ji-young, who transferred from GS Caltex to Pepper Savings Bank on December 27, met GS Caltex for the first time after transferring. However, Oh Ji-young could not play. It was because at the time of her trade, there was a verbal agreement that she could not play against GS Caltex this season.

Oh Ji-young, who responded to a phone interview with <The Spike> the day after the game, said, “It was a game without me, but the players focused more on the game and won. So it was a more meaningful victory. It was really good,” she first conveyed her thoughts on victory.

The reason Oh Ji-young could not play on this day was not ordinary. It was an embarrassing situation for veteran Oh Ji-young. However, Oh Ji-young was more worried about the players than herself. “When I couldn’t play, I didn’t focus too much on the fact that I couldn’t play. Oh Ji-young said, “I was just sorry, and I was worried that my team players would be able to survive without me.” I could feel how much I had grown,” she said, along with the pride she felt after the game.

Even in a situation where he could not play, Oh Ji-young did not stay still. He found the role he needed to play and performed it to the best of his ability. The first role Oh Ji-young found was a coach (?). Oh Ji-young, who said with strength, “I knew what to do even if I couldn’t play,” said, “Every time the players faltered, I told them a lot to help them stay centered.” In addition, Oh Ji-young said, “Because he was at GS Caltex, he knew the course of GS Caltex strikers well. So he helped his players stay on the offensive course with high probability. Fortunately, he seems to have matched well,” he said, telling stories of his experiences at GS Caltex.

Oh Ji-young’s advice had a good effect on the players, with a different feeling from the coaching staff’s advice. In fact, Choi Ga-eun, who received advice from Oh Ji-young on the shape of her blocking arm during the game, caught 5 blocks that day. Oh Ji-young said, “The coaching staff does not play games with the players. But I am a person who usually plays with players. So I think the players understood my story better and listened to it with concentration,” revealing the secret of his advice. 메이저놀이터

Another role Oh Ji-young found was the cheerleader (?). Oh Ji-young encouraged and cheered the players in the warm-up zone and on the bench throughout the game. As a result, he faced an unexpected situation. The broadcasting station’s camera and microphone continued to follow Oh Ji-young. Oh Ji-young was also taken aback by the unusual situation. Oh Ji-young said, “I have a very loud voice and am outgoing. Because of that, there were times when I had to restrain myself a little when the camera and microphone came in (laughs). I even wondered why the camera came to me. So, it was a bit burdensome, but since he cheered hard, I didn’t care later.”

Even without Oh Ji-young, the Pepper Savings Bank players came together and achieved a valuable victory. In particular, the libero duo Kim Hae-bin and Moon Seul-gi recorded a receiving efficiency of 50% and 43.48%, respectively, and filled 23 digs together to fill Oh Ji-young’s void. Oh Ji-young said, “After the game, both players were in tears. The burden would have been great. It’s so commendable that he overcame it well. For the two players, this will also be a valuable experience and an opportunity for them to grow.”

Concluding the interview, he said, “Since I don’t play, my eyes go to the stands more often. So many people came to see us. Oh Ji-young, who said, “I was so proud and grateful that the affection and interest in our team has grown this much,” adding, “The cheering gave me goosebumps. The shouts of one heart and one mind were really loud. Thank. We are always with our fans. I will show you a good image until the end. I hope we can be happy together.” He expressed his sincere gratitude.

Although he couldn’t participate in the game for a unique reason, Oh Ji-young’s bizarre day as a coach and cheerleader gave fans a different kind of fun. However, fans want to see Oh Ji-young, the player who shines the most when she is on the court. Oh Ji-young will return to her original position and play an active role in the match between IBK Industrial Bank and Pepper Savings Bank on the 26th.

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