Lee Jung-hyun was a mishap on their trip to Japan.

The Daegu KOGAS player is looking ahead to the June team call-up and the Chengdu Summer Universiade. While his vacation is still to come, his personal offseason preparation has begun in earnest.

Last season, the team finished in ninth place. While the result was somewhat disappointing, Shin showed signs of growth as his minutes increased and his scoring average rose from his rookie season. In 50 games, he averaged 4.8 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 0.8 assists in 15.14 minutes. On four occasions, he surpassed his season high in points (24).

When asked how he’s been doing, Shin said, “The Universiade and the team call-up are coming up soon, so I’ve been working out hard. I’ve been enjoying my vacation and participating in events, but right now I’m focusing on my workouts because it’s really time to work out. (Park) Chan-ho and I are doing rehabilitation and performance-enhancing exercises together, (Kim) Kyung-won is playing basketball with his brother, and (Cho) Sang-ryeol is playing basketball with his brother.”

Before starting his personal training, Shin traveled to Osaka, Japan, with Yonsei teammates Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Han-young.

“Lee Jung-hyun was a troublemaker. He lost his train ticket and almost didn’t get out, and when we went to Universal Studios, he lost his expensive wallet. We found it in two hours, but it was a trip that confirmed that Lee Jung-hyun is a troublemaker (laughs). The most delicious food I ate was Ichiran ramen. It’s really delicious, so I want you to try it,” he said.토토사이트

The GASCO team was scheduled to convene on June 1, but it was postponed to the 7th due to a final decision on a supervisory issue. Shin is also looking forward to the Summer Universiade in Chengdu, China, from June 26 to July 6.

“I need to maximize my performance and make sure I don’t get injured,” Shin said. I also need to prepare for the Universiade because it’s an important competition. I need to get back to work,” he said with a smile.

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