The number one candidate for the championship in the V-League women’s division this season was Hyundai E&C. A strong challenge was expected from Heungkuk Life Insurance, where Kim Yeon-kyung returned, and GS Caltex, who reached the top of the KOVO Cup, but Hyundai E&C, whose top member was the same last season, was of a different level.

In fact, Hyundai E&C has won 15 consecutive wins in the opening season. Left and right strikers, middle blockers (centers), setters, and liberos, etc., had no gaps. Heungkuk Life Insurance was also unable to compete. 1st place in the regular league was no doubt.

However, an unexpected variable occurred. It was the injury of foreign player Yasmin. Regarded as the best striker in Korea, he underwent surgery for a herniated disc in December last year. It was originally expected to come back in the 5th round, but it was delayed. In the meantime, domestic players endured well, but there were limitations. There were many ups and downs, such as 2 consecutive losses, 5 consecutive wins, and 2 consecutive losses. In addition, domestic players are also exposed to the risk of injury due to overload.

Hyundai E&C eventually replaced a foreign player early this month when Yasmin’s condition did not improve. Montaño from Colombia was recruited, and he is the Apposite Spiker (right), who won the top scorer in the Swiss League for two consecutive years.

However, it doesn’t seem easy to fill Yasmin’s void. He scored 33 points (attack success rate 35.29%) in two games while showing weakness in height and power. Blocking is 0.375 per set, and there is no serve score. The difference between Yasmin’s attack success rate (46.86%), blocking (0.434 per set), and serve (0.447 per set) recorded in 13 matches is large. Hyundai E&C director Kang Seong-hyung believes that it still needs time to adapt. 스포츠토토

Hyundai E&C, who lost to Korea Expressway Corporation at home on the 14th with a set score of 1-3, suffered three consecutive losses for the first time this season. 1 win and 5 losses in the last 6 matches. In particular, the lack of a back heart was conspicuous. He won the first set, but faltered sharply in the second set 21-21, conceding 4 points, and gave up 5 points in a row in the third set 20-20. In the 4th set, it collapsed helplessly without making up for the sluggishness in the beginning. I couldn’t find a figure that endured with solid organizational power under any circumstances.

The future outlook is also not optimistic. This is because of injuries to key players. Starting player Kim Yeon-gyeon is expected to miss a long term due to partial ankle ligament rupture, and outside hitters (left) Hwang Min-gyeong and Go Ye-rim are also not in normal condition. If the receive line is shaken, it is inevitable that the attack power will be reduced.

Hyundai E&C will have an away game against KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 17th. Montaño takes the lead in reversing the atmosphere and draws attention to whether he will succeed in escaping from a losing streak.

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