SSG Landers closer Seo Jin-yong is having an incredible season.

SSG was so concerned about their bullpen that they didn’t decide on a permanent closer until just before the start of the season. However, they decided to give Seo Jin-yong, who has the most save experience, the closer role. Until last year, there was some uncertainty as his pitching was somewhat up and down.

However, Seo’s 2023 season was the most spectacular since his debut. In the first half of the year, he appeared in 37 games with 25 saves and a 1.21 ERA. No blown saves. He currently leads the league in saves. His velocity came up much quicker than usual in the opening innings, and he was able to get out of the jam without letting a save opportunity slip through his fingers. Even with runners on base, he hasn’t given up as many runs as he has in the past.

The team will also challenge for the team saves record. Seo will become only the fourth pitcher in team history to reach 30 saves, including his predecessor at the SK Wyverns. The club’s single-season record was set by Ha Jae-hoon in 2019 (36 saves), followed by current pitching coach Cho Woong-chun (2003, 30 saves) and current Hanwha pitcher Jung Woo-ram (2012, 30 saves). With more than 25 saves in the first half of the season alone, Ha could break the record if he adds 12 more saves in the second half. It’s certainly possible.

How does teammate and veteran senior Noh Kyung-eun view Seo’s performance? “Last year, when Jin-yong went up, I was nervous if there were runners on base. But this year, even if there are more than two runners on base, I feel like we’re going to get it done. His crisis management skills have really improved,” she praised.

“Seo is a forkball perfectionist. He throws a textbook forkball, and I think that’s what makes him such a good closer.”

Of course, his teammates also helped him. The SSG bullpen, anchored by Noh Kyung-eun, as well as Ko Hyo-joon, Choi Min-joon, Lee Roon, Baek Seung-gun, and Lim Jun-seop, has the lowest ERA among the 10 clubs’ bullpens this season. “I’m telling Jin Yong-i, ‘We have a stake in what you do well,'” Noh laughs. He rarely pitches in the eighth inning, so we jokingly ask him to recognise our share.”메이저사이트

Kim Won-hyung named Seo Jin-yong the MVP of the first half. He has a lot of changes ahead of him in the 2023 season. His performance in the second half of the season will be crucial as the team looks to win the title. A lot will depend on how well he carries his first half performance into the second half. A glorious record is a bonus.

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