“I’m going to eat pork belly with (Lee) Jun-hoe.”

The 2023 Basketball i-League, which started on the 13th in Jeju, the ‘Island of Fantasy’, will be held in 22 regions in 19 provinces nationwide, including the Jeju League. The Seoul Eastern League, which has a total of 6 rounds, successfully completed the 1st round on the 14th.

Jeong Ji-ho (NSBC), a 6th grader at Hwabong Elementary School, who is active in the Seoul Eastern League, led NSBC to three victories. Jeong Ji-ho, whom we met after the tournament, said, “I participated in the I-League for the first time this year, and I think our performance was the best. We were able to win both games as one.”

He then said, “My dad encouraged me to continue playing basketball. So he has been playing basketball ever since.”

It is Lee Jun-hoe (Sa Neungcho 6) who leads NSBC’s attack. As a key man, Lee Jun-hoe is involved in scoring as well as running the game. Jung Ji-ho, as a blue worker, plays the role of firmly supporting Lee Jun-hoe. Jeong Ji-ho recalled his role, saying, “I watch the attack when there is an attack chance, but basically I try to solve the game through passwork with my teammates.”

Jeong Ji-ho, who promised victory in the next tournament, talked about Byun Jun-hyung (KGC) as his favorite player. Jung smiled and said, “He has good strength and fast speed, so he has many uses. I want to grow to 198cm, which is much taller than Byun Jun-hyung.

Finally, when asked what he wanted to do the most, he said, “I want to go eat pork belly with (Lee) Junhoe. Although they are not from the same school, they communicate well and also match well in terms of basketball. I will beg my mom to eat pork belly,” he said innocently.안전놀이터

On the other hand, the i-League is a project to expand and revitalize the base of basketball as a sport for life. It is hosted by the Korea Sports Association, supervised by the Korea Basketball Association and each local government basketball association, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Sports Promotion Corporation. Entering its second year, this year, the association that manages the league will establish a closer cooperative relationship with the local basketball associations in each city and province to create conditions for more youngsters in more regions to come together.

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