KIA Tigers left-hander Young-gun Choi Ji-min. Daegu Samsung match on the 16th was an unforgettable game.

Choi Ji-min, who took over the baton from starter Anderson with two outs and first base at the end of the 6th inning, trailing 1-2, became the first winning pitcher in his debut with 2 hits and no runs in 1⅓ innings. Another first experience following the first hold in LG on the 29th of last month.

During the interview after the game, Choi Ji-min, who was baptized with water by senior Jung Hae-young, smiled brightly, saying, “I was able to become a winning pitcher because the seniors hit well after I blocked it well. It feels so good to have helped me escape the losing streak.”

A large left-handed pitcher who will lead KIA for the next 10 years. The seniors took off their feet in the unforgettable first victory. They tried to give each other victory balls.

“(Yang) Hyeonjong told me to bring it as soon as he came down, so I took it, but (Kim) Sunbin gave me another one after the game. (laughs)”

Choi Ji-min is throwing a fast ball with an average speed of 145 km this season. It is the fastest ball among KIA left pitchers. He mixed the slider and changeup here, and was reborn as an extreme bullpen pitcher who can hit left or right.

“In an important situation, there is no particular pressure, I don’t think much, I just go up on the mound and stop this situation.

The experience of last year as a rookie and the experience of Australia’s Geelong Korea throughout the winter led to the rapid growth of prospects.

“Last year, I went down to the 2nd team and trained intensively. Based on this, I think my velocity has improved as I gained confidence after going to Geelong Korea.”

Coincidentally, there are often interesting confrontations with Lotte Kim Jin-wook, a senior from Gangneung High School, who is opening the first year of a successful era in the bullpen after going to Geelong Korea in the Australian League side by side. How do you feel?토스카지노

“I hope we do well together, and it would be better if we do well and join the national team together. Sometimes when we go to Gwangju or Busan, when we throw well, we congratulate them for throwing well.”

Samsung Head Coach Lee Byung-kyu, who served as the head coach of Geelong Korea, laid the foundation for the players to display their skills to their heart’s content throughout their time in Australia and instilled confidence, “You will become pitchers representing your team.” That word is becoming a reality at KIA and Lotte.

Choi Ji-min, who said, “I don’t have a specific personal goal, but I want to contribute to the team’s victory,” did not hide his ambition, saying, “I want to be a starting pitcher someday.”

A fast-growing left-handed fireballer with Kim Jin-wook, his one-year senior. They are the pitchers who will become the left-handed duo that will represent Korea as well as their team.

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