San Diego Padres manager Bob Melvin had high praise for Ha Sung Kim.

In an interview following the Padres’ 6-2 home win over the Miami Marlins at Petco Park in San Diego, California, USA, on April 22, Melvin spoke about Ha Sung Kim, who started at first base and hit a double and a grand slam.

“He’s been really good all season,” Melvin said, “especially since he moved to the leadoff spot. I don’t know how many home runs he’s hit this year, but he’s on pace to hit 20,” Melvin said, praising Kim’s performance.

“He’s hitting at key moments and getting on base. He understands the duties of the leadoff spot. He’s playing good defense like the other players,” he said, noting that Kim has been performing well in many ways.

When asked about the secret of his increased power since mid-June, he said, “He had it. He’s feeling it in himself and finding confidence. With good results, he is gaining faith in himself and gaining confidence.”

“Even when he feels like the team is down, he doesn’t play like that,” he said, noting that Kim brings “a lot of energy to the table.”바카라사이트

He once again pointed to the leadoff spot as a turning point, saying that being in the leadoff role has resulted in more energy.

“It’s just the result of training,” he said when asked how he’s improved against fastballs. “I don’t know if it’s a change in bat speed. I think he’s figured out where he can handle it and where he can’t,” he said, praising his consistent effort.

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