“We are good. I was just surprised for a moment.”

Seoul SK won 77-69 in the first leg of the 2022-23 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Championship against Anyang KGC held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th.

On this day, Jameel Warney was not pushed at all in the pride battle with Omari Spellman. He recorded 23 points, 10 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocked shots, and had a hot match with Spellman, who recorded 24 points and 11 rebounds.

Was it too hot? In the middle of the second quarter, after the showdown, the two players engaged in a war of words during the operation time. On the way back to the bench, Spellman threw a ball at Warney. The referees immediately awarded Spellman a technical foul.

The heated nerve war between the two players did not last long. After the operation time, they stood side by side on the court and chatted and laughed.

Warney said after the match, “We are good. I was just surprised for a moment. After the operation time, the misunderstanding was resolved,” he said. “There was no effect on the nervous warfare. It was part of the game,” he said.

“Spellman is a player with good offensive skills. He considers himself a threat. It is important to target Spell Man so that he can consume his stamina while defending through our attack.”

Warney struggled with KGC’s tight defense throughout the game. However, as his trademark ‘that shot’ started to explode, he quickly neutralized KGC’s defense.온라인카지노

Warney said, “I needed to adapt to the KGC defense. And because I trusted my teammates, I was able to attack more accurately. Both me and Kim Seon-hyeong felt good about the plotter. It will survive more in the future.”

Warney’s “that shot,” which can be said to be the best weapon in KBL history, has become an unstoppable skill even if you know it. Although Warney’s physical condition is not outstanding compared to his position, he dominates KBL with just a plotter. Even in SK, Kim Seon-hyeong boasts the best plotter technology in Korea. It is no exaggeration to say that in the first round of the championship match, KGC collapsed due to Warney and Kim Seon-hyung’s plotters.

Warney said, “The biggest strength of Kim Sun-hyeong is the plotter. It is an easy technique to score if used efficiently.” “Since the first season in Korea, I have watched Kim Seon-hyung’s plotter improve. I recommend that other players also use floaters. It’s a good technique,” ​​he laughed.

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