It was a ‘nightmare’ week for Kim Min-jae.

For him, the past week has been perhaps the most confusing and painful of his career. As a football player, he has probably heard the most criticism and criticism over the past week.

From the interview controversy after the match between Korea and Uruguay on the 28th of last month, the mental controversy, the declining value of a friendly A match, the declining value of the Taegeuk mark, the Son Heung-min social media unfollowing controversy, and the 96-line faction controversy. .

Before we get into the main topic, there are certain things that should be pointed out. The fact that the ‘epicenter’ of all these controversies was Kim Min-jae himself.안전놀이터

Anyone could predict what kind of aftershock would happen if he did such an interview, and what speculation would come out if he unfollowed Son Heung-min. Only Kim Min-jae did not know. He was frivolous and light. All the misunderstandings and rumors, the ones that don’t need to be exposed. Kim Min-jae himself made it public. Undeniable.

And due to this controversy, the value of Kim Min-jae was infinitely reduced for about a week. In other words, he has reduced his value to himself.

It’s a sad situation. But what has already happened. he can’t turn back no one can give it back Kim Min-jae It’s something you have to overcome yourself. Kim Min-jae apologized. He bowed his head, calling it “an act beyond common sense.” He admitted it was a “mistake”. He also apologized to Son Heung-min. He ate enough to be cursed at.

Everyone can make a mistake once in a while. Is it even necessary to drive Kim Min-jae to the edge of the cliff because of this one mistake? What is most needed right now is to learn from this mistake and wait for Kim Min-jae to mature and grow.

Now, it is time to focus on raising the value that has fallen while deeply reflecting on the past. The time it takes to restore the value that has been reduced over the past week to its original state is up to Minjae Kim. It can be short-lived or it can take a really long time.

The urgent priority is to restore the “mentally collapsed state” that Kim Min-jae directly revealed. No one can help with this either. It’s something you have to overcome yourself.

Stars are inseparable from criticism. Only those who win this war against criticism can rise to the position of superstar. Competitiveness in dealing with criticism leads to an increase in the value of players. There were many cases where many stars collapsed in this fight. Kim Min-jae hopes not to.

In the match against AC Milan, the first game after the controversy, Kim Min-jae continued to show his mental breakdown. 4 runs. It became the most conceded match between Napoli and Kim Min-jae this season. The European press, which was full of praise, described it as a ‘disaster’.

If it collapses like this, if it takes a long time to find the old force, the value of Kim Min-jae will inevitably fall further. It can be labeled as a ‘glass mental’. It is a fatal modifier for a soccer player. Fans’ disappointment is also growing.

In the future, not only league matches but also the UEFA Champions League (UCL) remain. The Korean national team also has a number of important matches, and the Asian Cup, which aims to win, is approaching.

Minjae Kim. Calm down. quickly return to the past

In recent months, Kim Min-jae has been the pride of Korean football fans. He was reborn as a Serie A defender, and rumors of transfers to Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Paris Saint-Germain broke out. He was a joy that had never been felt in the history of Korean football. I don’t want to miss this bliss.

Although he received a lot of criticism for his one mistake, don’t forget that there are still many fans who want Kim Min-jae to rise higher.

Everyone knows how hard it is physically and mentally. In a way, he is only 26 years old. he is a young man Age of immature mid-20s. On the other hand, he feels apologetic because Korean soccer seems to have given him too much responsibility and too heavy a burden.

However, the expectations Korean football places on Kim Min-jae are too high. He wants too much. To the extent that he shouldn’t show a tough tee, Kim Min-jae has become an ‘absolute’ presence in Korean football. There are countless fans who believe that there is hope for Korean football only when Kim Min-jae is holding on.

This phenomenon was also created by Kim Min-jae himself. who to blame In the end, it’s Kim Min-jae’s job, and it’s something only Kim Min-jae can do. So please bear with that weight, I have nothing else to say.

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