On the 11th, Korean women’s volleyball team coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez held a press conference at the Comic Business Center of the Korea Comics Promotion Agency in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Q. What kind of volleyball should the Korean women’s volleyball team play, and what direction is it pursuing? 바카라사이트
Overall, fast and powerful volleyball is an international trend. That’s why the Korean team has to play faster and more powerfully. Physical strength, technique, tactics, etc. must all be in line with the international trend. This is the part where the setter pursues fast volleyball. Also, it is important to strengthen the attack, and tactical training is required so that the attack can be tailored to the situation.

Q. How good is the national team on the international stage?
I think Korea is one of the really strong teams in the world when it comes to serving. In the case of blocking, it is weak, but it can support a lot in defense. I’m good at serving and defending, but I need to focus on attacking to score goals and for the national team to go to a higher level.

Q. In what direction should the vacancy of retired players be filled? How should it be different from last year?
It was last year that Korean women’s volleyball faced the reality of the absence of Kim Yeon-kyung, the best player in volleyball history, and the absence of veterans like Kim Su-ji and Yang Hyo-jin. In the future, instead of relying on one superstar like Kim Yeon-kyung for volleyball, the national team should unite as one and become a team that can put pressure on the opponent.

Q. How is the local situation and is there a message you want to convey to Korean volleyball fans?
Thanks for asking that question. The local area is very difficult due to the current earthquake. The whole world is helping to overcome this situation. Kim Yeon-kyung is also raising money in Korea. Any help is desperately needed in Turkiye right now. I would be grateful if the fans would pray for the many people who have lost family and friends in Turkey.

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