“We need to improve the control of our pitchers.”

Last year, the number of walks on the Doosan mound was 555, the second most after Hanwha (602), the lowest. He also tied for 4th with 70 balls. In 2021, when he entered the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years, there were more walks with 587 walks and 73 walks, but walks were 6th overall and 8th in walks. It is a story that the pitching of Doosan pitchers was relatively shaken last year. As a result, Doosan suffered disgrace for the most average game time (3 hours and 22 minutes) along with the humiliation of 9th place for the first time since its establishment. 

You have to lay the groundwork from practice so that you can demonstrate your skills in real life. Doosan made every effort to organize the spring camp bullpen to solve the pitcher’s search for a ball. Most notable is the virtual strike zone installed in front of the catcher’s mitt. Through in-depth discussions between the coaching staff and the management team, John was made visible to the pitcher and catcher. In addition, the zone was slightly lower than the normal range so that pitchers could throw low balls smoothly. 

The English information signboard behind the catcher was covered with a sunshade so that the pitcher could concentrate only on pitching. A Doosan official said, “Director Lee Seung-yeop judged that the information signboard behind the catcher could be a hindrance to the pitchers. So he installed a sunshade,” he hinted. 

A total of 16 players practiced bullpen pitching on the first and second day of training. All of them practiced bullpen pitching with 2-30 pitches while watching the virtual strike zone installed with string. The catchers encouraged their morale by shouting “nice ball” every time the pitcher’s ball passed through the virtual zone and hit the mitt. 

Pitchers generally seemed to welcome the installation of the strike zone. Some players said they weren’t aware of the strike zone at all, but others said it would help improve control. Even if you are not conscious of it, there is also an advantage that you can unconsciously practice low-ball pitches because the zone has been lowered. 메이저놀이터

The Doosan mound ranked 8th with a team ERA of 4.45 as well as walks and 4 balls last year, and 9th with a WHIP of 1.48. Starting resources that were trusted here were left one after another due to injuries and sluggishness, and in 14 years after 2008, no pitcher with 10 wins was produced. There is a saying that a team with a good bat wins, and a team with a good mound wins. The reason why Doosan watched fall baseball on TV for the first time in eight years last year was largely due to the collapse of the mound. 

The task of this spring camp is clear. Regardless of starting pitcher or bullpen, he must clean up the stigma of last year’s runner-up by equipping himself with sophisticated control. Coach Lee said, “Our pitchers had a lot of walks last year. The problem was the jew. We need to reduce walks,” he said. “I think a virtual strike zone will help. All pitchers need to pay attention to pitching, starting with bullpen pitching,” he said. 

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