“The pitch is a pass.”

Doosan Bears rookie pitcher Kim Yu-seong (21) made his debut against SSG Landers held at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 28th. He got a chance to start two days after being registered for the first team entry, and completed his mission by overcoming a crisis situation even in the midst of a difficult game.

Kim Yoo-seong recorded no runs in 1 inning, 2 walks, 1 strikeout. Kim Yu-seong was put in for the 8th inning, trailing 1-4. He was able to finish the inning with a three-way offense, but after two outs, first baseman Yang Seok-hwan made a mistake by catching Oh Tae-gon’s batted ball. After that, Kim Yu-seong shook sharply, and gave consecutive walks to follow-up batters Han Yu-seom and Kim Seong-hyun. Although the bases were loaded, Kim Yoo-seong ended the inning by striking out Park Seong-han.

Commentator Lee Seong-woo of SPOTV, who was in charge of the game commentary on this day, praised Kim Yu-sung’s pitching, saying, “The vertical (up and down) movement is very good.” According to Trackman, which provides tracking data to nine KBO league teams, the up and down movement of 19 fastballs thrown by Kim Yu-seong was recorded at 61.4 cm. He recorded an average velocity of 147.4 km and an average number of revolutions of 2504. Last season, Kim Jae-woong of Kiwoom Heroes recorded first place in the category with a vertical movement of 62 cm in a fast ball, and it marked a figure close to this.토토사이트

What did the command tower think after watching Yoosung Kim pitching in the dugout? Coach Lee Seung-yeop praised him, saying, “I think the pitch will be good enough to work in the first team,” but also said, “However, the control is important. You should be able to throw where you want and where the catcher requires, not just throw strikes.” pointed out

For the time being, Kim Yoo-seong plans to pitch in a comfortable situation. Like any rookie pitcher, he plans to gain experience in a situation where the score gap widens. Manager Lee said, “I want to send them in a comfortable situation. Now, the Pilseungjoo has been established. It can be burdensome to play Kim Yu-seong in a winning game. If you feel the atmosphere of the first team and show good performance, you can send it to a better game Yes, but now I want to make him feel comfortable,” he said, conveying his plan to use Kim Yu-seong.

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