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A moment in time we must never forget. #GeorgeFloydTrial #GeorgeFloydverdict #GeorgeFloyd

@CNN @cnnbrk


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Everyone put your TV on and watch. This next 30 minutes will be the 30 minutes you will remember until the day you leave this planet. #GeorgeFloyd

This moment in time is going to change the world forever.

#GeorgeFloydverdict #GeorgeFloydTrial @CNN @cnnbrk @donlemon

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Quoted @seanspicer

The so called fact checker for @CNN has gone from editorializing on every moment of Trump to announcing the @WhiteHouse schedule on behalf of the Biden press shop

I'm calling BS on this one.

I don't believe its Spicer using this account unless it's yelling, screaming into a mic and shaking profusely while making a public statement.

#seanspicer #CNN #PresidentBiden @CNN @cnnbrk @ddale8

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#jakepaulfraud #jakepaulrigged
#JakePaul #jakePaulvsBenAskren

Worst rigging ever. @Benaskren how much they pay you to take that? That was pathetic.

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REPORT: President to announce expansion of @SCOTUS, #SCOTUS to grow to panel of 11 with two new additional justices planned to be seated. Announcement to come before Fall 2021.

#SupremeCourt #sundayvibes #SundayMorning @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes

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Things are getting petty and theoretical at the #GeorgeFloydTrial Defense suggested that a victim having 1 handcuff on and the other off could be viewed by the police as a weapon. #GeorgeFloyd
#DerekChauvin was on the force for 19 years. Did this happen before? NO. @CNN @cnnbrk

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For a victim of opioid specific overdose to, "Come back to life", there must be NARCAN issued, usually intra-nasally, to reach the brain and inhibit action of the opioid.
Where in the 9:29 did this happen?
#GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydTrial #DerekChauvin @CNN @cnnbrk #CNN

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If the 3 cops were so busy being distracted by the crowd that they forgot they were killing a man in broad daylight, why the fuck didn't they call for backup in those 10 minutes? Fuck you #DerekChauvin

#GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydTrial #ChauvinTrial #Minneapolis @CNN @cnnbrk #CNN

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Fuck you #DerekChauvin you are a piece of shit.

No sentance will ever be enough for your fucking coward ass.

#DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloydTrial #GeorgeFloyd

@CNN @cnnbrk @MinneapolisPD @eliehonig @BrookeBaldwin

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#EricNelson the defense attorney of #DerekChauvin is trying to make a new definition for rear choke.

No one said #GeorgeFloyd died of a rear naked choke by an MMA fighter.

We said he died from officers putting direct bodyweight on his neck and cutting blood flow. @CNN @cnnbrk

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The @GOP very well may not get a single vote in #Georgia next election due to the voting lines being packed with their "target" of suppressed voters. Fittest will be 1st. Arrangements to be in place to ensure all get to vote. @RNC #EndTheFilibusterNow @CNN @cnnbrk #HR1 #GOP #CNN

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Who's ready for one of the fastest #Presidential pardon in the history of the United States for @Cannonfor58 ? #CNN @JoeBiden @POTUS @CNN @cnnbrk @CNNPolitics

I gotta ask though - how's that gonna feel @GovKemp ? #GeorgiaGOP @GOP

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10 people in #Colorado have lost their lives due to senselessness.

#BoulderColorado #BoulderStrong @CNN @cnnbrk

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I would like to thank the @SenateGOP and @HouseGOP for paving the way for @TheDemocrats the sweep the 2022 midterms by having ALL @GOP MEMBERS in the HOUSE & SENATE vote DOWN the American Rescue Plan (it passed anyway).
Footage: @CNN @cnnbrk

#SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts

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This is 42 seconds of the most intelligent information you will have seen on TV in the last year (or more). "And you don't even know it." - @ChrisCuomo

@cnnbrk @CNNTonight @CNN #CNN #Meghan #RoyalFamily #DailyMail

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Breaking fr Canada;
*Preliminary talk from the Canadian government dissolving all ties, monetary contributions, and all other affiliations with the racist I mean #RoyalFamily. Removal of queen from coins and eliminating gov general." @cnnbrk #BuckinghamPalace #MeghanMarkle @CNN

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Today was the best Inauguration Day ever. Way better and way bigger than in 2017! @CNN @donlemon @cnnbrk @CNNTonight #March4th #InaugurationDay #Trump

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If today is supposed to be "The inauguration of the 19th President of the United States", that means that Trump was not the previous president.

If we could only ever be so lucky. @CNN @cnnbrk @ChrisCuomo #March4th #DonaldTrump #CNN

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*Announce #YADIG

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REPORT: if @SCOTUSblog decide to inact Arizona voting surpression bill into law. This will happen:
The man himself @JoeBiden @POTUS will announcr expansion in the Supreme Court and strike that law back down into hell @cnnbrk @CNN @ChrisCuomo @donlemon #SCOTUS #HR1 #SupremeCourt

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