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Alexei Navalny is a politician aiming to achieve power by democratic means, and determined to turn Russia into a modern republic

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Young Chinese are both patriotic and socially progressive. That mix is already changing their country. Read our latest Special report

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Mike Pompeo's statement, and incoming secretary of state Antony Blinken's agreement with it, mark a step change in American rhetoric surrounding Xinjiang

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Instead of queues of trucks outside Dover or empty British supermarket shelves, Brexit has brought the stench of rotten ham in Rotterdam and shellfish going off in its pallets

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The world’s biggest economic choke-point once involved oil being shipped through the Strait of Hormuz. Soon it will be silicon being etched in a few technology parks in South Korea and Taiwan

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For tourists in Bali, bargaining with thieving macaques is a bit of fun. But our science editor tells “The Intelligence” there is more behind the monkeys’ cunning

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Missing the knowing grin or a subtle smile? You're not alone From @1843mag

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China was among just a handful of countries to register any economic growth at all in 2020. So why is the government busy reining in its biggest and most dynamic corporations? @SimongLong55 asks @DonWeinland on “Money Talks”

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You probably think haggis was a Scottish invention. The truth is more complicated From @1843mag

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“Lasers pretty much are ubiquitous in almost every aspect of our lives.” @MikeDunne_LCLS says lasers have gone from ‘a solution looking for a problem’ to world-changing technology on our “Babbage” podcast

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China’s new goal is to be a “great modern socialist country” by 2049, when the People’s Republic turns 100

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Clams, says one of the scientists behind the technology, are life savers

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Last year old tensions boiled over into civil war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Now, @TomGardner18 tells “The Intelligence”, the government may be blocking aid to the region

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Joe Biden has been busy signing executive orders—on his first day in office he signed 15. Keep tabs on his cabinet, executive orders and which issues are most important to Americans here

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This week's cartoon from KAL:

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In the West, some women and girls struggle to pay for pads and tampons, which in turn could make them less likely to turn up at work or concentrate at school

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Between January 6th and 19th Signal was downloaded 45m times and Telegram 36m. Telegram's boss called it the “largest digital migration in human history”

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Over the past decade, more than 20,000 Dutch parents were falsely labelled as fraudsters, leading to financial ruin and in some cases homelessness

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Joe Biden takes office at a grim time for America. What should the world expect from his presidency? Our cover this week

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