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Huge thanks to the Writers Guild for the nomination of BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM and to my incredible co-writers. We’re humbled to be among giants — Lord of the Rings, The Pink Panther, The Godfather — in being recognized for original screenplay and the sequel.

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Newsmax shut down Mike Lindell's lies--because it can be sued!

But Facebook spreads the same lies to millions--because it's legally immune (Section 230).

This is insane.

No more special rules for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

Hold Mark liable. Stop the lies. Reform 230.

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Congratulations @MariaBakalova96 on your @SAGawards nom for Borat's Tutar!

You are funny, brilliant, deeply moving, amazingly brave and a hilarious improviser who can inhabit a character for hours on end.

I'm so happy we found you!

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Thank you @SAGawards! Today’s noms for @trialofchicago7 are a tribute to Aaron Sorkin, a remarkable cast and an incredible crew.

It was an honour to play Abbie, who used humour to expose the powerful and also was the first Jew to use space lasers to start forest fires.

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Wawaweewah! I'm shocked and humbled to be nominated for 3 Golden Globes, and congratulations to the incredible @MariaBakalova96 too!

We're so honoured--and just in case we don't win any, I've already hired Rudy Giuliani to contest the results.

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Hey @Google @YouTube @sundarpichai @SusanWojcicki,

Seems like you're struggling.

Virtually every other social media company has removed Donald Trump, but you might let him BACK ON!?

I wrote a statement for you. Feel free to use.

This is not hard.


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Quoted @CBSThisMorning

British actor, writer & producer @SachaBaronCohen is in two of the most critically-acclaimed films of the past year: a surprise #Borat sequel & Aaron Sorkin’s @trialofchicago7.

He spoke exclusively with @AnthonyMasonCBS about why he was so driven to make both films.

My life’s work—hiding pictures of my childhood—has failed.

I have no idea why I wore a helmet around the house.

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Think Trump is leaving tomorrow?

Think again.

Facebook and YouTube STILL show THOUSANDS of Trump posts & videos with his election lies and calls to "fight!"

RT & tell @Facebook @YouTube:

On January 20th, remove Trump from your platforms, PERMANENTLY!


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He's baaaack!

This week, Facebook/Instagram and YouTube may lift their suspensions and allow Trump BACK on their platforms.

What?! So he can incite violence AGAIN?!

RT and tell @Facebook @Google @YouTube:

Remove Trump from your platforms, PERMANENTLY!


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Quoted @CCDHate

THREAD: YouTube suspended Donald Trump for inciting violence and telling lies.

But YouTube still makes big $$ off videos likes this one blaming "antifa" for the riots and talking about "civil war".

@YouTube stop profiting from extremism and lies.

Truly unbelievable.

YouTube has actually built a "donate" button to raise $$$ with extremist videos.

WATCH BELOW: the viewer clicks "donate," the money rolls in and YouTube takes a cut.

@YouTube--getting rich off lies and hate!


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This is Sundar & Susan

When Donald Trump incited violence, they suspended him from YouTube for...1 week

Next week, they plan to let Trump back incite again!

This is madness.

RT @sundarpichai, @SusanWojcicki

If you allow it, you are complicit.


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New report:

Your ads are running alongside election lies, conspiracies and hate!

RT and tell @Google, @YouTube:


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YouTube's own employees agree that YouTube plays a "key role" in "fascist recruitment" in the US, including the Trump extremists who attacked the Capitol.

RT to tell @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki:

Don't suspend Trump for a week, ban him. PERMANENTLY!


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Replying to @SethGreen: Every private company has the right to refuse service to any person that violates their policies. Think of @YouTube as a res…

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Quoted @SachaBaronCohen

YouTube suspends Trump!

But only for 1 week. With YouTube's "3 strikes" rule, Trump gets to incite violence 2 MORE TIMES before it bans him!

Are you kidding?!

RT to tell @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki:

Prevent more violence, ban Trump PERMANENTLY.


Every private company has the right to refuse service to any person that violates their policies. Think of @YouTube as a restaurant allowing someone to shit on the floor while you’re eating, then giving the person 2 more shits before they’re asked to leave.

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NEW: Trump's YouTube Channel has GAINED 30,000 subscribers this week.

Other companies are cutting ties with Trump. YouTube is profiting!

YouTube--the new Trump TV.

RT to tell @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki...stop profiting off lies and violence!


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YouTube is the new Trump TV.

Trump's YouTube Channel shows +4,000 Trump videos, including "stop the steal" and calls "to fight!"

Corporate America--WHY are you running your ads on You Tube Trump TV?!

RT to tell @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki...


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Virtually every social media company has removed Trump...EXCEPT YouTube.

Trump's YouTube channel is STILL showing videos of his election lies to MILLIONS of people!

Retweet and tell @Google, @sundarpichai, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki--do the right thing!


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Thank you @Variety, @BrentALang

Borat is an absurdity and Chicago 7 really happened, but the message's the same:

When leaders lie, people die--as we saw again this week.

Our pluralist democracies can only survive if we stop hate, conspiracies and lies.

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