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Hear more stories from essential workers and people impacted by the #COVID19 pandemic:

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In our February issue, explore how viruses—which may seem simple at first glance—are very complicated, and shape our world

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To protect his wife and kids during the pandemic, Dr. Roberto Vargas isolated himself in the basement of their home. Using @StoryCorps Connect, the family speaks virtually about the ways they have come together despite the distance between them

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Although the tallest and most powerful volcanic explosions tend to produce the most dazzling electrical displays, not all volcanic eruptions trigger lightning

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Making a difference “takes a level of empathy and perspective-taking.” Here's how you can raise an empathetic change-maker

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Along with 35,000 soldiers, more than 160 scholars and artists traveled to Egypt with Napoleon Bonaparte's expedition in 1798 to collect scientific and historical information

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Making road maps might seem like a mundane or even obsolete task today, but this 1940 video portrays it as a heroic endeavor

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Bread has a permanent place on our plates and in our hearts

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Mask designers see the promise of better fit, function, and even fashion in the ancient art of origami

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In the close-knit world of Native American rodeo, the sport is a way to sustain community culture and to stimulate economic activity

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Isolated groups were more likely to produce abnormally striped zebras, suggesting these genetic mutations are caused by inbreeding and habitat fragmentation

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Southern flying squirrels have been targeted by poachers in Florida for at least the past five years #SquirrelAppreciationDay

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How will history remember Joe Biden's inauguration? In a bonus episode of #OverheardNatGeo, our hosts talk about how this historic event fits in with those of the past.

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New fossils suggest trap-jaw worms have burst from the sand to snatch fish for millions of years

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A squirrel eats an Ochroma flower in Panama in this image from the archives. #SquirrelAppreciationDay

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New Orleans' traditional architectural features like porches, courtyards, and balconies have proven useful during the current health crisis

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Eight years and 11,000 miles into a trek around the world, @PaulSalopek has paused for the pandemic—and shares lessons from his journey about living with uncertainty

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#DidYouKnow: Squirrels were released in America’s urban areas to “create pockets of rural peace and calm.” Happy #SquirrelAppreciationDay!

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From 2020: Ancient nests confirm that bees were alive and well in Patagonia 100 million years ago

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