“I thought that my father-in-law (celebrity Lee Kyung-gyu) would like it if he came to watch my national team game. I have such a dream. I am old, but I think I will have a chance if I achieve it one by one without getting injured.”

On the 15th, Kim Young-chan (29, Gyeongnam FC), whom I met at the media camp in Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do, talked about his dream. He confessed that the moment when he couldn’t form a relationship with his earnest dream of ‘Taegeuk Mark’ and seemed blurry at some point, he began to see clearly thanks to a famous celebrity and father-in-law. Kim Young-chan expressed his determination to do his best to show himself playing an active role in the national team uniform in front of his father-in-law.

Kim Young-chan said, “I knew my father-in-law loved football, but he always went to see the World Cup. The dream of becoming a national team belongs to all players, but honestly, it was blurry. But I thought I wanted to work harder once more. It’s starting to look bad,” he said.

In November 2021, Kim Young-chan married Lee Kyung-gyu’s daughter, Lee Ye-rim. He’s a father-in-law, but also a respected mentor now. Lee Kyung-gyu’s steady self-management and unchanging burning passion surprised Kim Young-chan. He said, “I’ve seen my father-in-law since we were dating, but I’ve come to respect him more and more. He’s really amazing and consistent. I want to learn especially the sincere part. He thinks of a lot of things in work. I think I would have improved if I kept thinking about soccer. But I I don’t think I’ll be able to do that,” he said, “a person I respect and want to learn.”

I am also receiving great comfort thanks to my father-in-law. Kim Young-chan said, “I can see that the father-in-law doesn’t want to put pressure on him. Instead of saying it before the game, he says ‘You did a good job. Let’s eat’ after the game is over. Even back then, it seemed like he was watching the game. I was moved. I feel like I have to do well.” He also explained, “There must have been some K-League fans who didn’t know me, but there were also people who got to know me thanks to my father-in-law. I’m just grateful.”

Naturally, I felt a sense of responsibility to show a better image. Kim Young-chan said, “Compared to my past life, I feel like I have a sense of responsibility. I am working hard to be sincere in every action.”

I can’t leave out the pride of my wife, Lee Ye-rim, as a housekeeper. Kim Young-chan said, “Since my hometown is Seoul, life there would be comfortable, but I trusted myself and came down to Changwon with no connections. I have no friends and I am with my dog. There are many times when I feel sorry.” Then he said, “I was sent out overnight, but then I didn’t go out. I said, ‘This year is really important’, asked my wife to be considerate, and did reinforcement training. I’m very sorry. I’m sorry. he confessed his sincerity.

Centerback Kim Young-chan played in 21 games last year. He said that the team failed to promote, but he personally suffered a calf injury, so he couldn’t maintain his condition, so there was regret. That’s why we are gritting our teeth and preparing for the new season. At the end of this season, he has a clear sense of purpose as he will also qualify as a free agent. He is improving his physical condition and condition while paying attention to preventing the recurrence of injuries. 안전놀이터

Kim Young-chan said, “I was injured as long as my body was getting better. I was injured twice. It was mentally difficult. When I injured my bones, the doctor just said, ‘I’m attached’, but there is no right answer for muscle injuries. If you think you’re all better, it’s not all better. “I’m trying to get rid of the impatience this year. My body has risen according to the tempo, and I’m confident that I can help the team.”

“Last year, I scored a lot of goals, but the team conceded a lot. That’s why I couldn’t accumulate many points. Coach Seol Ki-hyun said at the first meeting that if you reduce the number of goals, you will naturally score goals and win.

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