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 1 month ago

abortions for everyone!!!! pack the courts!!!! ban hats with words!!!!

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh Taco trucks in every corner!

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh I thought your first request is to ban @Lane_Kiffin

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh Passing out abortions like we Oprah

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh Make Comedy Central Tosh Again!

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh oh my god i cant wait to get an abortion

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh Hells yeah

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh You’ve never not stopped being funny

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@danieltosh Ban hats with words 😂

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 1 month ago

@danieltosh Bring your show back! @danieltosh

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@danieltosh You the best

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I did this one a few years ago of Pikipek's evolution lineup which I remember I enjoyed doing too. #Pokemon25 #PokemonDay

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Celebrate #PokemonDay in RAP FORM! 🎶

Relive the entire story of Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon Anime! #Pokemon25

➤➤➤ WATCH:

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Hoje é celebrado o Pokémon Day ⚡️🌺🔥 Há 25 anos atrás o mundo dava boas vindas ao Pikachu e seus amigos no mundo dos videogames! E eles marcam presença até hoje nos nossos corações 💖 Obrigado Pokémon! #pokemon25 #pokemonday

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My first ever starter was a Chikorita which began my life long commitment to having a grass starter. I burned through AA batteries on the regular playing that game. I still remember my excitement at chasing Suicine.

Happy #PokemonDay

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On this #PokemonDay, I celebrate the first game I ever had. When I was a kid, my folks didn’t buy me the OG Red, Yellow, or Blue and I didn’t have a Gameboy like my cousin did.

One of my fave birthdays was when I got a Gameboy Advanced and Pokemon Crystal. (1/2)

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Just think, we coulda had this as our Gen 1 logo, that woulda been great. #Pokemon25 #PokemonDay

Made by peetzaahhh2010 on DA

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The start of my first adventure, love and memories for @Pokemon #Pokemon25 #PokemonDay

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Haven’t played in a while but This my squad #PokemonDay

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