Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO has prepared a foothold to jump into the mid-level competition.

KEPCO won a come-from-behind victory with a set score of 3-1 (22-25 25-20 25-22 25-20) in the men’s round 4 away match of the ‘Dodram 2022-23 V-League’ against Hyundai Capital held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-sun Gymnasium on the 23rd. .

KEPCO, which ended its two-game winning streak by losing to Korean Air on the 20th, escaped the losing streak by sacrificing Hyundai Capital.

KEPCO secured 30 points (9 wins, 14 losses), chasing Woori Card and OK Financial Group, which were in 3rd and 4th places with 37 points, by 7 points.

The performance of the players was outstanding. While Thais Dulle Host (registered name Thais) scored 28 points, the most among both teams, outside hitters Lim Seong-jin (18 points) and Seo Jae-deok (16 points) contributed with double-digit scoring.

Middle blocker Shin Young-seok also played an active part with 13 points, including 5 blocks and 2 sub-aces.

The two teams played a true sword game from the third set, which was greeted with a set score of 1-1.

When Hyundai Capital scored 8 consecutive points during Jeon Kwang-in’s serve in 9-13 to preempt the set, KEPCO balanced the game with Seo Jae-deok’s performance, who swept 8 points including 2 serve aces in the 2nd set only. 메이저놀이터

KEPCO continued the flow. It was dragged 10-13, but Shin Young-seok’s serve shook Hyundai Capital’s receive line and turned the game over at once to 15-13.

There was also a crisis. Sub Bumsil and Seo Jae-deok’s back attack was blocked by Oreol Cameho (registered name Oreol), allowing a turnaround.

The moment when the first set of nightmares come to mind. However, KEPCO did not repeat its mistakes. In 19-19, the opposing Beom-sil and Shin Young-seok’s blocking were tied up to arouse the atmosphere. Im Seong-jin’s back attack was added and he ran away to 23-19.

The last one was decorated by Lim Seong-jin. Im Seong-jin made the set score 2-1 with an attack that utilized the opponent’s blocking in 24-22.

KEPCO won even the 4th set and completed the 3-point game.

At 16-16, Seong-Jin Lim and Thais took the lead by 3 points. The Thais scored consecutively and made it 21-17, and Lim Seong-jin drove a wedge with a strong serve.

KEPCO took the match point with the opponent’s sub room in 23-19. Heo Soo-bong’s serve hit the net and the game was won.

In Hyundai Capital, Oreoll struggled with 21 points, but Heo Soo-bong and Jeon Kwang-in scored only 14 and 9 points, respectively, and lowered their heads.

The team attack success rate was also 48.5%, which did not exceed 50%. The season record with KEPCO was 2 wins and 2 losses.

Hyundai Capital (43 points, 14 wins, 9 losses), which failed to add points with two consecutive losses, could not widen the gap with the 3rd place group. The difference between the leading Korean Air (55 points, 19 wins and 4 losses) remained at 12 points.

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