Coach Kim Wan-soo’s twice-weekly overnights are paying off for KB Stars players.

After suffering a bruised ego with a fifth-place finish last season, the Cheongju KB Stars began offseason team training the earliest of the six WKBL clubs. From March 22 to 31, the team traveled to Taiwan and played five scrimmages with Kesey Life. The team was made up of players other than Park Ji-soo and Kang Isul, who were called up to the women’s national basketball team, and Kim Min-jung and Yeom Yoon-ah, who are rehabbing.

At the KB Cheonan Training Center on the 8th, KB coach Kim Wan-soo said, “The performance was very good. We played a seesaw game without (Kang) Isul and (Park) Ji-soo even though the other team had eight Taiwanese national team members. We stayed at the Kasei Life Training Center, and the facilities were very good. I was also grateful for the Korean meals. The young players came back with confidence,” he said, expressing great satisfaction with the training camp in Taiwan.

There was one big change in the offseason for KB Stars. Overnight stays were increased to twice a week. Originally limited to weekends, the team added Wednesday overnights for rest and training efficiency. The twice-weekly overnights have improved the efficiency of training and given the players a big boost.

“Not only on weekends, but also after training on Tuesday afternoons. Having an extra day off during the week has made the players work harder. Originally, we were only going to give them two nights a week until May, but the results were so good that we’re doing it again in June. The players are very receptive. They are well-rested, so there is no pressure to train intensely.” Kim Wan-soo said.토토사이트

After a short break from their training camp in Taiwan, the KB Stars are back to preparing for the new season. For now, the team is focusing on physical training and defense to improve their physical condition. Before the season starts, the team will travel to Japan for another overseas training camp.

“We’re not doing tactical training yet,” said Kim Wan-soo. We went on a training camp in Taiwan for physical training and defensive training. Now we’re back to physical training and defense. In particular, we do one hour of defense training. I’m also gradually increasing my weight training. For the time being, I’m going to keep training like this,” he said.

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