Yon Ram’s momentum this year is unusual. At the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Mexico Open, which ended in Mexico on the 1st (Korean time), he failed to win a second straight victory, but received 839,300 dollars in runner-up prize money, increasing his season prize money to 14,462,840 dollars (approximately 19.4 billion won). Although less than half of the season has passed, he set a new record for the most prize money in a single season on the PGA Tour. If this trend continues, an era of $20 million in prize money is possible.

Ram actually has a physical handicap. He had to have surgery right after birth because he was born with ‘Clubfoot’ (inner half), and his right leg is still about 1.5 cm shorter. He wears custom golf shoes, but the lack of flexibility in his ankles limits his hip rotation. Because of this, his backswing is the smallest of any PGA Tour player.

Ram, unable to give enough twist to his torso, found an alternative to his wrists. On his backswing, he flexes his left wrist to build up power. Bent wrists, along with a strong upper body, are the source of a strong pull down on the club.

The photo of Ram hitting a tee shot on the 7th hole on the final day of the Masters, the first major tournament of the season last month, shows these characteristics well. Coach Hyeon Choi, who is instructing Lim Seong-jae, said, “The wrist movements of Dustin Johnson and Colin Morikawa are similar. did.

Another secret to Ram’s long hits is his quick backswing. Ram’s backswing may be small, but he’s very quick. This also speeds up the downswing, which is the opposite motion, leading to an increase in swing speed.크크크벳

As a result of these efforts, Ram became the real ‘Rambo’. This season, he is running 9th in the distance category on the PGA Tour (312.2 yards). A swing with little left and right movement exerts greater power on iron shots where accuracy is important. The green hit rate is second (73.85%). He turned his physical handicap into an advantage.

Not everyone’s swing is the same. You don’t have to look pretty or perfect. He just needs to think about how to hit straight and far in his physical condition. Before Rahm, Jim Furyk did too.

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