The Samsung-KIA game was played on the 3rd at Pohang Baseball Stadium.

The two teams split the series 1-1. This was the final game of the midweek series.

The batting lineups of both teams were as hot as the heat wave in the second half. It was a fierce batting battle with no concessions.

Samsung scored six runs in the top of the sixth inning to take a 4-9 lead. There was no giving up.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, StrongWool’s Lee Jae-hyun and Kim Tae-hoon hit three consecutive singles.

KIA hurriedly sent left-hander Lee Jun-young to the mound. He walked Kim Dong-jin. The bases were loaded.

He pitched a slider to the top hitter, Kim Hyun-jun. He pulled the slider for eight pitches but grounded it to first base. The runner at third was thrown out at home plate.

After reaching first base, Kim showed his frustration by ripping his helmet off and slamming it into the ground several times. It didn’t break because the helmet could withstand a 150-kilometer ball. He held his knee with both hands and sighed harshly as the pitcher changed to Jang Hyun-sik.

LG Electronics in Daegu on the 6th. I met Kim before the game and asked him why he was so angry.

“When I’m in a situation where I should have hit and I don’t, I’m always mad at myself.”

He has a gentle and kindly appearance. The strength of a reversal. Competitive spirit burns brightly. You can tell just by looking at his hitting style.

Kim is at war with the pitcher every moment of his at-bat.

“Unlike last year, I’m trying to hit all the pitches, and even the bad pitches are getting out of hand, but it’s unfair if they give me strikes on similar pitches, ambiguous pitches, or pitches, so I’d rather die because I can’t hit them, so I’m trying to be active at the plate with the confidence that I can make a hit on any pitch.”

He only joined the first team on May 19 after fracturing his metacarpal bone the season before.

As if to make up for it, he was hot in the second half, batting 3-for-4. His ability to quickly adapt to any pitcher and any unfamiliar ball with a soft batting form is his biggest strength.

His wide defensive range has evolved this season. His start at the plate is one of the best in the league. He gets to the drop zone early and makes comfortable catches. His quick feet make him a versatile player.

He is the No. 1 reserve for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, replacing Ki Um Lee Jung-hoo, who had to be replaced due to an untimely injury.

National team manager Ryu Jung-il visited Lions Park over the weekend and watched Kim Hyun-jun play from the stands. The opposing team, LG, already had three players on the roster.

Kim was the only player Ryu had his eye on during the game, and his multi-hit game and back-to-back lake rains made him stand out. “I didn’t know (Ryu) was here, but I found out later when I watched the broadcast.”메이저사이트

Samsung coach Park Jin-man also said, “Kim Hyun-joon is swinging at his own pitches this season, even in unfavorable counts. His defense has become more relaxed and comfortable,” and asked the press, “Isn’t he the No. 1 candidate for the national team’s replacement outfielder?”

The leadoff outfielder has gained experience and strength since last year. Now, he’s more than a starter, he’s a solid mainstay leading Samsung.

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