Son Ah-seop will wear the captain’s armband in the second season after transferring to NC. It is also a captain selected through a team vote. This is the part where you can guess the influence Son Ah-seop had on NC players last year. To his NC colleagues who believed in him, Son Ah-seop foreshadowed a ‘season without controversy’, emphasizing their respective responsibilities.

On the 29th of last month, the NC Dinos departed for Tucson Spring Camp, Arizona, USA.

At the team meeting ahead of the first training session, Son Ah- seop , the new captain, emphasized the responsibility to the players, saying, “I feel responsible for being appointed as the captain by the vote of the entire team” at the team meeting before the first training session of CAMP 2. “We are all grown up adults. I think everyone knows what to do and what not to do.” I think it is right that the players should be held accountable when the rules we have set are broken. To hold the camp in a good atmosphere, the team I want you to follow my rules,” he said.

It’s a story that any veteran enough to take on the captain can tell, and Son A-seop may not have intended to ‘catch’. Last year, there was even an embarrassing incident where coaches quarreled over drinks. It was pointed out that the members are not alert even though accidents caused by alcohol are repeated. So Son A-seop’s emphasis on responsibility comes more heavily. 스포츠토토

However, it is also true that it feels significant when considering the past few years in NC. The aftermath of the ‘Hotel Sulpan’ incident in 2020 has not yet completely gone. Park Min-woo signed a 5+3 year free agent contract with an option, and Park Seok-min also participated in the camp and was trying to make a comeback, but Kwon Hee-dong and Lee Myung-gi were in danger of losing their free agency.

The players would have appointed Son Ah-seop as the captain because they knew this side well. Coach Kang In-kwon also said, “The captain was selected by the vote of the players. I think Son Ah-seop will also have a sense of responsibility. I think he will show the image of leading the entire team. I hope he will have a good influence on the entire team.” gave away

It didn’t create an atmosphere of fear. At the team meeting, Son Ah-seop said, “As captain, I will communicate well with the club about what the players need. I hope to start the day by greeting each other brightly when I come to the baseball field.”

According to the NC club officials in charge of the spring camp, the players followed Ah-seop Son’s request well. The players, who started training in the US again after three years, said they started the day by asking, “Did you sleep well today?”

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