Brian Hill (22, Tottenham Hotspur), who was pushed back in the second line competition within the team, eventually transfers to a Spanish club for two consecutive seasons.

He has played just 215 minutes for Tottenham this season. His talent for handling the ball is outstanding, but competitiveness remains an issue in a competitive situation based on a solid body.

Spanish professional football Primera Liga Sevilla FC announced on its website on the 31st (Korean time) that it had “agreed with Tottenham on the loan transfer of Hill until the end of this season.”

After a stint with Spain’s age-groups, Hill made his professional debut with Sevilla in the 2018-19 season. He then went on loan to Leganes and Eibar to gain experience and prove his talent as a winger in his third year of debut.

At his age of stint he had 29 appearances, 4 goals and 3 assists. His quick feet and vigorous activity have attracted the attention of several clubs inside and outside Spain.

Tottenham was also one of them. In July 2021, Eric Lamela, who left for Seville, put Hill on a Spurs uniform as if it were a ‘exchange’.

The initial expectation was a competent backup that would give Son Heung-min, Lucas Moura, and Steven Verchbane time to rest. However, Hill has hardly been able to establish itself in England, which is different from La Liga.

In particular, he was significantly outdated in physical fights and did not receive moderation from former coach Nuno Espiritu Santo. In the meantime, Dejan Klusevsky, who can play in all areas of the second line, joined the team early last year. He completely lost his position and eventually left for a loan transfer to Valencia, Spain during the 2021-22 season. 슬롯사이트

On the stage in Spain, Hill was different. she flew He was picked as the left winger for Valencia and once again showed off his sharp lateral breakthrough and left-footed cross, which he showed during his time in Sevilla.

He played in 13 league matches (9 starts) and reached the final of the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup), receiving plenty of trust from coach Jose Bordalas.

Returning to North London ahead of this season, expectations were once again raised. However, he did not receive much selection as a result, even for manager Antonio Conte. He has been on the pitch a total of 215 minutes this season.

Before the opening, Hisharlisson, who is in charge of the front of the Brazilian national team, joined the team, and recently, Dutch winger Arnaut Danjuma also wore the Spurs uniform, making the competition for the second line more intense. In the end, it was pushed out of the competition and the lease was confirmed as a parent team.

Conte said on the 4th, “When I look at Hill, I think of Bernardo Silva (Manchester City). There are many similarities. He advised to improve competitiveness in competitive situations.

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