Myongji High School advanced to the finals at the 48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Championship, with ace Kim Jeong-hyun Daniel at the fore.

Myongji High School defeated Dong-A High School 84-63 in the first round of the group stage of the 48th National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Championship held on the 4th.

In the second match against Anyang High School the next day, they had a 12-point lead in the first half and expected to win 2, but in the second half, they struggled in offense and defense and lost 62-75 after giving up 54 points.안전놀이터

In order to advance to the finals, it was necessary to win the match against Yangjeong High School at the end of the preliminaries. At Myungji High School, Ace Kim Jeong-hyun Daniel (Junior, 193cm) led the team with 22 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 interceptions, including 5 3-pointers, and ended up at Yang Jeong High School. They won 72-57.

Myungjigo coach Jeon Hyung-soo said, “There must have been pressure to win, but the players overcame it well. Everyone worked hard, but Hyun Daniel Jung maintained a stable lead with a 3-point shot in a situation where the score was narrowing, and more commendable was the 11 rebounds. He did it. He is a player who continues to grow. I believe that he will lead the team in good shape in the finals. If only the mental part is further supplemented, he is a player who can be successful enough in the professional world.”

An official from University A, who visited the site of the tournament, said, “Out of the 30 participating high school teams, Daniel Kim Jeong-hyun stands out. “, he evaluated.

An official from B University also said, “I definitely have good fingertips and shooting trajectories. I know that he started playing basketball in the first year of high school. Seeing that he has reached this level in two years, he seems to have enough talent. He is a player that will change depending on what kind of leader he meets. When entering college, I advise you to go to a school where you can run.”

Next is the Q&A with Daniel Kim Jeong-hyun

Q. Daniel Kim Jung-hyun? The name is rather peculiar.
Many people misunderstand, but Kim Jung-hyun and Daniel are right. Kim’s surname, Junghyun Daniel, is Korean. Her mother is Korean American and her father is Korean. She acquired Korean citizenship last year, so she naturally has two nationalities, American and Korean.

The match against Anyang High School in crisis during the preliminaries was the hardest. They were careless as they led by 12 points in the first half. His teammates believed in me and passed him, but after hesitating, he had a series of turnovers and was only able to make one 3-point shot that he was confident about. Rather than being disappointed with myself, feeling sorry for my teammates came first. Because I lost the game I thought I had it all, the atmosphere in the team was not good and everything seemed to be my fault.

Q. Before the game at Yangjeong High School,
all the team members gathered before the game and made a resolution to show the real ability of Myongji High School in the game at Yangjeong High School. I heard that we reached the quarterfinals thanks to luck in the last tournament, but if we got eliminated this time, it would be real, so we entered the game encouraging each other to take a step further.

You were confident after the match at Yangjeong High School. Captain Park Tae-hwan (grade 3, 183cm) trusts you, so he told me to shoot to my heart’s content. Jang Chan (3rd grade, 200cm) and Kim Jeong-hyeon (2nd grade, 190cm) cheered me on, saying, “Don’t worry, I will continue to rebound even if I can’t score,” and Choi Jun-hyeok (3rd grade, 180cm) passed the ball on a good chance. All of this is the result of the trust of the team members. I also believe in my teammates.

Q. Remaining tournament goals
I heard that it would be difficult for all the strong teams from Naksaeng High School, Yongsan High School, Gyeongbok High School, and Jeonju High School to face each other in the round of 16 with the same seed. I want to overturn that evaluation by doing my best with my friends.

Q. Advantages and disadvantages as a player
People around me say that I am 193cm tall and have an outside shot, and I think the same. During regular shooting training, I ask my teammates to play defense like the actual game situation and practice. The downside is volatility. We know that basketball creates better chances when you move faster than your opponent. I will train hard.”

Q. Your profile says your height is 197cm?
193cm is correct. I saw articles that said 197cm, but I didn’t know how to change it, so I just stayed there. Everyone, 193cm is correct


_ To be honest, I wasn’t confident until last year that I became a pro
. In the last winter training, my coach emphasized my physical strength and I put in a lot of effort. I was able to play more confidently than before while playing a game against a college team. I will.

Q. What I want to say
Myongjigo basketball team sweats together, parents who believe in and support their son’s dream, coach Jeon Hyung-soo who guides him on the way to reach his professional goal, coach Lee Min-jae who teaches him one by one from the basics, physical strength and rehabilitation. There are many good people around me, including Trainer Seulgi Lee who helps me. I will not forget that I am approaching my dream thanks to these people. Thanks to everyone.

Myongji High School will challenge Daejeon High School to advance to the quarterfinals at 1:30 pm on the 10th.

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