Mark Cucurella, who joined Chelsea in the transfer market last summer, is showing a sluggish appearance.

The UK’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 17th (Korean time), “After Cucurella moved from Brighton to Chelsea in the summer transfer window, the house started being burgled. His new house was stolen and he had a hard time on the pitch in inconsistent form. there is,” he reported.

Cucurella has grown into a quality player in the English Premier League (EPL) at Brighton last season. At that time, Cucurella’s ransom jumped enough to attract the attention of Man City. Chelsea, who were interested in signing Cucurella along with Man City, succeeded in signing it by paying a whopping £60 million (approximately 91.9 billion won).

However, Cucurella has not been able to get out of the adaptation period at Chelsea. His frequent mistakes, coupled with his lack of confidence, began to diminish his impact on the game. With Ben Chilwell unable to play due to injury, Cucurella is receiving disappointing reviews every time he plays.

There is also an opinion that he does not have a good relationship with Miharilo Mudriq, a “freshman”. The two players, who are keeping their feet together at left fullback and left wing forward, have shown that their hands and feet are not aligned in recent games.

In the end, the hearts of the fans are about to turn. In the first leg of the round of 16 of the European Football Association (UFEA) Champions League (UCL), which was the previous match, Cucurella was replaced by Chilwell in the second half. At the time, Chelsea fans poured out booing towards Cucurella.

There was a reason for Cucurella’s sluggishness. It was because of the habitual crimes of robbers. Directed by Graham Porter himself. He said, “Cucurela is having a hard time with thieves raiding his house. He feels insecure and can’t play a stable game.” 안전놀이터

Recently, Chelsea players are trembling with anxiety due to robbery attacks. Reese James and Raheem Sterling have also been stressed out by robbers before. In particular, Sterling returned to London to spend time with his family after an incident occurred during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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