Is this the end of a major career?

It was also released from San Francisco, where Samsung Lions former slugger Darin Ruff believed. It is the biggest crisis of his major league career.

On the 10th (Korean time), the San Francisco Giants of the US Major League transferred Ruff. Simply put, release. San Francisco had to vacate a spot in the entry for the registration of a promising player, but the rough fell victim.

Ruff is a familiar figure to Korean baseball fans as he played an active role as Samsung’s central hitter for three seasons from 2017 to 2019. When he was a member of Samsung, he dominated the KBO league with his tremendous home run and RBI 토스카지노 production capacity. In recognition of his performance in Korea, he was allowed to return to the major leagues. Ruff, who wore a San Francisco uniform in 2020, jumped to a major player in the 2021 season, playing 117 games and hitting 16 homers.

Ruff, who succeeded in renewing the contract for two years and $6.25 million ahead of last season, was traded to the New York Mets in August of last year. However, he could not adapt to New York life at all and walked the path of downfall. Ruff, who was released from the Mets before the opening day, confessed in an interview that he had a hard time because of the New York fans and the press.

He reached out to his parents when he was in trouble. Signing a minor contract with San Francisco again. It was virtually the last opportunity for rough to challenge. Ruff expressed his joy, saying, “There is no place as comfortable as San Francisco.”

But that joy was short-lived. At the beginning of last month, he had to find another team again about a month after signing with San Francisco. His run in the big leagues hasn’t been too bad this season, but his right wrist injury has left him on the disabled list painfully.

If no team wants Yang to be drafted, he can either go to the minor leagues or become a free agent.

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