Will there ever be such a sad death? He was a soccer player who dreamed of growing up, but he fell from an expedition hotel and was paralyzed from the waist down. After ending his career as a professional soccer player, he steadfastly turned to a wheelchair tennis player for the disabled, receiving applause from fans.

But this time another misfortune struck. He died after being hit by a train. He is now only 32 years old.

British media reported heartbreaking news about Pelayo Novo, a professional Spanish soccer player, a day ago.

The media reported that ‘the former Spanish footballer has died after being hit by a train five years after a horrific fall from a hotel changed his life’.

The accident happened on the night of the 28th local time. The midfielder, who played in the second division, was said to have been hit by a train on the Renfe line, which runs between the Spanish city of Oviedo and the northern province of Siero.

It was also because of the accident that he became disabled in a wheelchair. Five years ago, in March 2018, he fell from the third floor of the hotel where Tim was staying, giving up his dream of becoming a football player. It was when he was 27 years old.

Novo played for several places, including Spanish team Real Obeido. He did not advance to the first division, but he played a big role in the second division and nurtured his dream. He also played for the Romanian team for a while.

Not giving up after his accident, he moved on as a disabled athlete. He fell in love with wheelchair tennis and even became a member of the Spanish Provincial Tennis Federation. Until recently, he also worked hard in his career, including participating in the Catalunya Open.

He was also satisfied with his life as a disabled tennis player. In an interview with a media outlet at the time, he said, “I didn’t allow myself to be locked in a room. Even though I became disabled, I have the right and duty to live like everyone else.”

To him who lived such a positive life, his former club, Real Oviedo, gave him a prestigious award at the club’s 96th anniversary ceremony. Upon hearing of Novo’s accident, the club was the first to issue a condolence statement. 메이저사이트

The club said, “My heart aches at the very unfortunate news. I am so sorry for Nobo’s death. Together with family and friends, we are with you.”

In addition, Cordoba, another team of Novo, said: “We deeply mourn the death of our former player, Novo, at the age of 32. He will always remain in our team’s memory.”

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