KB Stars, the first of the six WKBL teams to start off-season training, started training in May. KB, who held a workshop from the 1st to the 3rd, started training again on the 4th at KB Stars Champions Park in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do.

A total of 14 people participated in the afternoon training. Only Kim Min-jung, who suffered a neck injury last season due to a chronic back injury, rehabilitated, and Kim Ye-jin and Lee Chae-eun, who were recruited through a trade with a free agent, also conducted team training normally.

KB coach Kim Wan-soo said, “Now we have entered the fourth week of training. The current training process is not bad. I am responsible for the 온라인카지노 results of last season, but it seems that the players also have their own reflections. That is why off-season training started early. Everyone understands well and is working hard. They are following along well.”

Coach Kim said, “We haven’t started high-intensity training yet. Overall, we have been training to improve the physical part, including the balance of the players and weight training. there is,” he explained.

Also, “I started training early, but the schedule itself is not tight. I take a break from training on Wednesday, and after training on Friday, I sleep out. It’s a system that trains 4 days a week. I reduced my training schedule as much as I started early, but that’s how I trained. The concentration of time itself is high, and the players are also satisfied with this system.”

KB had a change in the composition of players in the FA market this time. Choi Hee-jin and Park Ji-eun retired. Free agent Kim Ye-jin was recruited, and Um Seo-i was given as a reward player. In addition, Choi Ji-seon was sent out through a trade and Lee Chae-eun was brought in.

Some point out that coach Kim Wan-soo, who has been coaching at Hana 1 Q for a long time, recruited many players from Hana 1 Q.

Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “Actually, I feel uncomfortable with that kind of gaze. But rather than from a specific team, they are players I know well, and I brought them after seeing their strengths. It is possible only when the interests of the opposing club are aligned. Also, I don’t think that just because the gaze is uncomfortable doesn’t mean we don’t bring in a player we think is necessary for our team.”

He said, “Both players have strengths in defense, and are diligent and diligent. Overall, they are players who can bring synergy to team training as well as our performance. In the case of Kim Ye-jin, there are not many players in the middle of our team, but , (Lee) Yoon Mi-rang will be able to play a role as a bridge between seniors and juniors in the middle and to strengthen the team as a whole.”

There will be no further changes in the composition of the team, including trades.

Coach Kim said, “Since the composition of the team has been completed, we talked a lot about forming a consensus with the players at the workshop. We talked a lot about what direction we should go, and that part will be well revealed as the team’s cohesiveness. I thought. I will start basketball training in earnest from the third week of May.”

The physical training that has been steadily conducted in Taebaek will not proceed. Instead, they are planning a field training in Taiwan at the end of May.

Head coach Kim Wan-soo said, “(Park) Ji-soo and (Kang) Seul-i will enter the national team on May 15th. Last season, when there were no key players, we failed because other players did not take over the role. I thought a little more about what to do in the absence of these two. Overall, there are many young players in the team and lack of experience, so I plan to fill in various missing parts while playing through the Taiwan training camp.”

He also added, “When I play with young players, I am thinking about playing faster with a wider range of players.”

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