Women’s professional volleyball Pepper Savings Bank held a casting boat in the final ranking competition in the regular league. At the fingertips of ‘Field Commander’ Lee Go-eun (28), the winning and spring volleyball advancing team can be influenced.  

The V-League Women’s Division is agitated over the retirement of ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung. It received relatively less light, but last season (2021-22), the lowest-ranking Pepper Savings Bank’s breakthrough was also a pretty noteworthy issue. Pepper Savings Bank won 3-2 in the 5th round expedition against Korea Expressway Corporation held on the 18th. First, after giving away two sets (1 and 3), he turned around and dealt a blow to the opponent who was busy competing for third place.  

On the 10th, Pepper Savings Bank showed a great reversal by winning the set score 3-2 against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, who were in first place at the time. 2 wins and 3 losses in 5 rounds. As of the 20th, they recorded 4 wins, 25 losses and 11 points. He recorded the most wins since the founding, surpassing the 3 wins (28) recorded last season.  

Both offense and defense improved. Foreign player Nia Kai Reed was sluggish at the beginning of the season, but she performed well as a ‘main scorer’ by scoring over 30 points in all of her recent 3 games over 4 sets. The scoring ability of Korean strikers Park Kyung-hyeon and Lee Han-bi also revived. The contribution of the middle blocker line built by Seo Chae-won in the 3rd year and Choi Ga-eun in the 5th year has also increased. After veteran libero Oh Ji-young joined, the defense became tighter.  

The presence of Lee Go-eun, the main setter who distributes the ball to them and coordinates the entire game, stands out. Lee Go-eun, who has been in his 11th year since his professional debut, signed a 3-year (total sum of 990 million won) contract with Pepper Savings Bank in March, when he qualified as a free agent (FA). After being nominated for the road construction in the 2013 rookie draft, IBK Industrial Bank and GS Caltex went through the road construction again and participated in 237 games. .  

Previously, there were only two seasons in which Lee Go-eun digested more than 100 sets. He doesn’t have much experience as a full-time starter. However, he played in 105 of the 108 sets the team played at Pepper Savings Bank.   메이저놀이터

Pepper Savings Bank’s team receive efficiency is the lowest (33.98%) as of the 20th. The setter’s troubles are not the only one. However, he always leads the junior team with a bright energy. It is the appearance of dissolving the ball distribution without missing the growth and momentum of young players. He was the first to encourage Nia Reed, who had been sluggish at the beginning of the season, when he was caught in an error or blocked.  

Lee Go-eun lost her starting position to rookie Lee Yoon-jung last season when she was a member of the Korea Highway Corporation. Even when he was playing for GS Caltex, he had a hiatus due to an injury and was pushed back as a backup for junior setter Ahn Hye-jin. However, even at that time, stable operation and defensive power were ahead of competitors. His mentality must have become stronger amidst the competition. This season, when he is working full-time alone, he is being compensated for the time he silently sweated.  

Pepper Savings Bank is still at the bottom. Lee Go-eun is also in the bottom ranks in the individual set category. However, the team is getting stronger little by little, and Lee Go-eun is showing the true value of a veteran without regret. 

Pepper Savings Bank will play the last game of the 5th round against 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation on the 21st. Ginseng Corporation, which is 5 points behind the 3rd place Road Corporation, desperately needs a victory. Pezer Perchuk Bank is the first opportunity to record a round 50% win rate. Attention is focusing on whether the red pepper powder can be sprinkled once again. The same goes for the 6 round race. 

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