A youthful smile that doesn’t suit the modifier ‘monster’. But on the mound, it’s already 152km! These are the two charming faces of Hanwha Eagles’ Moon Dong-ju.

On the 12th (Korean time), Hanwha Spring Camp in Mesa, Arizona, USA. On this day, Moon Dong-ju’s bullpen pitching was scheduled.

Moon Dong-ju, who finished warming up on the ground, approached Kim Bum-soo to get his hat and gloves. Beside Kim Bum-soo, who was stretching on the ground, there was Moon Dong-ju’s hat and glove.

Kim Bum-soo, whose playfulness was triggered. Moon Dong-ju threw away his hat. Then Moon Dong-joo looked at the camera with an expression of hope that this scene was captured on video, saying, “You have to see this.” 메이저놀이터

However, Kim Bum-soo calmly replied, “You’ve already seen it,” and then picked up the glove and threw it away.

How did Moon Dong-ju avenge his senior’s tyranny (?)? He relieved his anger by pinching Kim Bum-soo’s butt once.

Kim Bum-soo’s joke. It was confirmed after the bullpen pitching that he had a great affection for Moon Dong-ju.

Moon Dong-ju pitched 40 pitches that day, throwing fastballs, sliders, curveballs, and changeups evenly.

His fastball maximum velocity rose to 152 km. Coach Rosado, who watched the pitching, issued an order saying, “The fastball is well placed where you want it, so mix the pitches well and throw them.”

There was no bullpen pitching on this day, so Kim Bum-soo moved to the pitching pitch and watched Moon Dong-ju pitch from start to finish. Kim Bum-soo called Dong-ju Moon after pitching and praised him for a specific pitch, making Moon Dong-ju happy.

You can see the image of Moon Dong-joo smiling like a child at Kim Bum-soo’s pranks and compliments and powerful bullpen pitching in the video.

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