The core of the batting order envisioned by LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is 7th and 8th. Director Yeom has a plan to place Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won in this position.

LG is a team composed of Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, Kim Hyun-soo, Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Bo-gyeong, and Austin Dean. Manager Yeom placed Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won, who already have long hitting power, at number 7 and 8, and said, “I expect long hits in the bottom batting line.”

Manager Yeom said, “A batting team is not that 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hits well, but 7th and 8th hits well.” can,” he said. Then he said, “(Lee) Jae-won and (Park) Dong-won, depending on how many two-run, three-run home runs with two outs, our team becomes a much more difficult team to deal with.”

Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won have low batting averages, but have long hits. Lee Jae-won had a batting average of .224 in 85 games last year, but 13 of his 50 hits were home runs. Park Dong-won played 123 games for Kiwoom and KIA, recording a batting average of .242 with 18 home runs and 57 RBIs. 토토사이트

The reason Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won expect a home run when there is a runner who is not a solo shot is because the top batting line is that strong. Coach Yeom said, “There will be many hitters with high averages in our team’s 1st to 6th batters. There are many on-base hits, so there is a high probability of creating a chance in front of 7th and 8th.” If we show it, we can easily catch up even if we lose by 3 or 4 points, and if we score points while blocking with our strong bullpen, I think we can turn the game around and create conditions for fans to enjoy the game.”

If Lee Jae-won and Park Dong-won show the expected long-running power and produce even a little more come-from-behind wins as coach Yeom calculated, LG’s dream will be that much closer.

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