It’s already hot.

LG Twins Moon Seong-ju made the 2022 season the best year ever. Moon Seong-ju played 106 games, the most since his debut, recording a batting average of 0.303, 99 hits, 6 homers, 41 RBIs and 55 runs. He could have reached his first 100 hits in his debut and ended the season with a higher batting average, had he not lost his sense of hitting at the end of the season.

This season, even before the start of the season, Moon Seong-ju is already hot. The swing of Moon Seong-joo’s bat during the demonstration game is unusual. He had no hits in the opening game against the NC Dinos on the 13th, but from the 14th he exploded hits and began to add strength to the batting line.먹튀검증

In the NC game on the 14th, he gained strength with 2 hits and 2 RBIs in 3 at-bats, and on the 15th he made a 4-hit game against the Samsung Lions.

As the second hitter and starting right fielder, he went 4-for-5 with 2 RBI and 2 runs. In the 8th inning, he even recorded a solo home run against Kyu-min Woo. The other three hits also went out in various directions to the left, right, and center.

LG lost 8-14, but Moon Seong-ju’s performance was as hot as it was.

Moon Seong-joo said, “I was aiming for a fastball, but when the ball caught the bat, I was lucky to hit a home run.”

He added, “I didn’t think the hitting feeling was good yet, but the coaches next to me gave me a lot of good words and encouraged me, so I gradually gained confidence.”

As they lost the game that day, they failed to win their third consecutive match in the demonstration game. In the game on the 16th, Moon Seong-joo made a promise to bring victory.

He promised, “It’s unfortunate that the team lost, but I thank the fans for their support and I will continue to work hard to show a good image.”

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