Reporter Kim Kyung-hyun = SSG outfielder Choi Ji-hoon, nicknamed the baby beast, has joined the WBC national team.

KBO announced on the 6th, “On the 5th, Korean time, WBCI (World Baseball Classic Inc), the WBC organizing committee, informed the KBO that Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates) could not compete in the WBC.” Pittsburgh expressed a medical objection to the WBCI, citing Choi Ji-man’s surgical history. Accordingly, the WBCI held an injury review committee to deliberate on whether or not to allow Choi Ji-man to participate in the WBC, and decided as such.

According to the WBCI’s final judgment, SSG Choi Ji-hoon was selected by the WBC Korea National Team Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyeon Cho, the Technical Committee, and the national team coach Kang-Cheol Lee. Technical Committee, including Technical Committee Chairman Beom-Hyeon Cho, coach Kang-Cheol Lee, and coaching staff prepared for a situation in which only Choi would be difficult to join at the entry stage, and prepared for the selection of additional players through in-depth review.

Choi Ji-hoon said through the club, “I didn’t expect it at all, but it feels good to be suddenly selected. I still can’t feel it.” I will do it,” he said.

Choi Ji-hoon said, “Actually, when I was selected on the 50-person interest list last year, I heard from senior Choi Jeong that ‘you can go’, but I didn’t know it would become a reality.” I will take it,” he said, determined. 카지노사이트

As a well-known filial son, it is rumored that after being selected for the national team, the first thing that came to mind was his parents. He said, “I contacted my parents first. I was just talking to my parents. I am grateful to my parents,” he said. I also want to say thank you to my coach for teaching me a lot since I was a rookie.”

Lastly, Choi Ji-hoon revealed his aspirations of being selected for the national team. Choi Ji-hoon said, “My body has been well built in Korea during the off-season. I am confident in my physical condition. I am most worried about the sense of the game, but starting tomorrow I will gradually increase my pace and prepare according to the game schedule.” “Personally, wearing a uniform with the Taegeuk mark is very heavy, and I feel burdened because I think it is a position that carries a lot of responsibility. I will focus,” he said.

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