Tottenham’s Harry Kane transfer rumors are continuing.

The reason Kane has no choice but to leave Tottenham is the ‘trophy’. There is a lot of talk about him saying that he wants to be on a team that can win a championship.

Kane has already rejected an offer from Tottenham to renew his contract. The Telegraph claimed, “Kane is currently in no hurry to extend his contract with Tottenham.”

Even until the summer of 2021, Kane’s transfer was held by Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy. That summer, Kane wanted a move to Manchester City, but Levy refused.

However, now that Kane’s contract period is running out, it is said that Levy’s hand has weakened. Kane’s contract is until next season.

In this situation, the British media reported, “When the 2022-23 season is over, Kane can leave Tottenham and transfer to Manchester United.”

The Daily Mail also revealed that ‘Erik ten Haag has been chastising Kane as the number 1 target this summer’. In other words, Man United wants to sign Tottenham’s ace Kane.

The reason why Ten Hag picked Kane is because he is thirsty for new strikers. That’s why he wrote Kane’s name at the top of his wish list this summer.

Kane has scored 15 goals in 20 Premier League games this season. He is second in scoring behind Manchester City Erling Haaland. In a situation where they can’t recruit Holland, the best target is Kane. 메이저놀이터

The Daily Mail says that Kane also wants to join Manchester United. Tottenham has been sluggish this season, and Kane is disappointed. This is what made Kane have negative thoughts about his renewal.

In the end, in this situation, it may be impossible to qualify for the Champions League. However, unlike last season, Manchester United has a chance to join the Champions League again this season.

In the end, it is said that Chairman Levy also has an idea that he cannot catch Kane. So, he said that he would send him away, and that he would take care of the transfer fee.

Levy is thinking of at least £85m. He intends to let him go if he gives him about 130 billion won. Of course, since it is the minimum, it is likely to be higher.

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