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Cancelling a bench with a quote by Van Morrison. Presumably because of his COVID-denying views.

FFS. I don't like the man at all, let alone agree with him, but...


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We hate the elite 1% so much we shape modern policy around the minority 1%.

Be it gender, sexual orientation, Covid deaths, shootings or culture.

#COVID #AmericaFirst #cancelcancelculture

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Cancel Culture can eat shit and die
#cancelcancelculture #savepepelepew

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#ThursdayMotivation Have a wonderful #EarthDay Take care of yourself and our planet!! #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge
#CuomoNewYorker #NoMediaBaloney #CancelCancelCulture #NoMorePileOn #WeDontHaveTime #TickTock #savethebees #savetheplanet

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At this point Im not surprised but this is so wrong on so many levels. #cancelcancelculture

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Jeff knew the risk "I thought it was safe" Ahh yes a rope tied to an excavator is safe. Its not like David planned for him to get hurt, It was a mistake was it a huge mistake? Yes 100% but a mistake none the less, People need to use your brain and think #cancelcancelculture

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I'm honoured to be chairing the first @BRITPAC_UK debate.

-How do we see ourselves, as a nation?
-What are our values?
-What unites us?
-What should Britain’s role in the world be?

Let's #uncancelBritain & #cancelcancelculture!

Questions to by 6pm tonight!

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Join the first of the BRITPAC Inaugural Debates on from 7pm on Sunday 25th April 2021!

If you'd like to submit questions to the panel please email them to by 6pm Thursday 22nd April

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To all you #Rich mother fuckers who tried to convince us that #WereAllInThisTogether .. fuck you as those who make you #rich are suffering and dying. #CancelTheRich #EatTheRich #Resist #cancelcancelculture #CancelCancelCulture #MartialLaw #MarshallLaw

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Day 93

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Jesus twitter
Are u seriously gonna cancel Eula from genshin impact for having a slav e owner ancestor background?
Yeah talk about immaturity like you dont have an ancestor that own a slav e before
Jesus man fuck this liberal white stupid shits man

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@TheFreshKnight1 Because people are stupid and cancel culture is one of the worst things to taint the internet. What is the celebrity gonna do, call them out? People need an excuse to cause issues. Which is why I say #cancelcancelculture

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Reaching so hard y’all should have stretched first..... #cancelcancelculture #andgenz

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- Black People problems. I am sick and tired of hearing about Black People problems. I am offended by their constant whining. Martin Luther King should be stricken from streets and buildings because of the violence he inspired. #CancelCulture #cancel #cancelcancelculture

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this isn’t being forgotten about btw @DarrenCriss. address it.

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🛑STOP & CHECK OUT🛑 this exclusive clip from the Sit Down Zumock Patreon. Where @chadzumock @Mrjimflorentine & @GodfreyComedian discuss not letting the language police control what to say. #CancelCancelCulture

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But he brought up some important things like how we should cancel cancel culture #cancelcancelculture
Not everything u see on the internet is true guys - and influnencers are not perfect - give em a break.

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For everyone upset about all the things we can't say and do anymore...we have no one to blame but ourselves. These are the consequences of "Participation Trophies" 😜 #cancelcancelculture

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“I stand with @ginacarano”

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@donoDMG1 I really feel sorry for you, you poor sausage.
And the only rascist here...... is you!
Greetz From Germany Lair!

#cancelcancelculture #weloveginacarano

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Am fucking done am fucking done seeing all this degenerates digging up old tweets from famous people just to quote on “cancel” them am somehow feel god about themselves so I have 2 plans Plan A: #cancelcancelculture Plan B: is gonna be secret until plan a flops

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Disappointed beyond comprehension. #America #UnitedStates #2ndAmendment #BeKind #CancelCancelCulture #PositiveVibesOnly #anxiety

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Let's not spread hate . It's difficult to deal with this much hate . I just hate this cancel culture . Everyone does mistake . I don't know why people bring out past of a person .
But I feel sorry for Kim .

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'Woke-ism' is the newest religion. And it the follows the same tactic where dissent & criticism of it's ideology is considered blasphemy.


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This is the right move. Cancelling those with different beliefs does not serve the public discourse. Glad to see that recognized by this publisher. #cancelcancelculture

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Tim Dillon, you are my generation's gilbert gottfried. And your doing it in the cancel culture era. #cancelcancelculture

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cancel cancle culture #cancelcancelculture

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Letting the girl stab the other potentially fatally is not the look for the abolish the police movement. This is not the one lol. Also the girl was fat. Once you are a certain level of fat you are not a child. Truly.

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Simon & Schuster rejects employees' call to drop Pence book deal: "We come to work each day to publish, not cancel"

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Whitstable harbour's Van Morrison bench. My long read on the rights and wrongs of sitting on this bench in 2021 - and how we should feel about other now-problematic benches we may have enjoyed sitting on in the past - is forthcoming.

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If you could describe our country in three words right now, what would it be?

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365 days tweeting about how important @ginacarano was for @starwars.


Day 68 / 365

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Today the American Humanist Association Board voted to withdraw, effective immediately, the 1996 Humanist of the Year award it bestowed on Richard Dawkins.

Tap the preview below to read the board's statement explaining why.

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