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Those who say arm strength is overrated, witness this. Accuracy is the most important physical trait for a QB no doubt. But being able to sling it like this makes a big difference. #BillsMafia

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@PFF Live shot...Brandon Beane and his giant balls #BillsMafia #bills

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1 more day in the longest shortest month of the year, aka the NFL dead zone month. New league year just 18 days away. #BillsMafia

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This could easily be confused for a player’s CAREER highlights. The fact all these plays were made in just one season is nuts. Diggs is a world beater. #BillsMafia

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@JJWatt This is the final straw. I have verified JJ Watt to the Bills. Friendship is a town in WNY. My sons name is Evan and he’s a Bills fan and WNY has the best coffee shops. I have unlocked the code. #BillsMafia #Watt2Buffalo

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Was showing my son my @BuffaloBills autograph collection from when I was his age. He particularly liked Darryl Talley’s script style. (BTW, thanks @DarrylTalley, 34 years after the fact, for signing my notebook at Delaware Park during the 1987 players’ strike!) #BillsMafia

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@BuffaloBills you want another draft steal with some sick YAC?👇 #BillsMafia

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@BWWings @jjwatt combing to Buffalo (Wild Wings) @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia

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Every single day I think I follow like 20 new #billsmafia people. It’s really like we are already family #GoBills can’t wait to see y’all at a tailgate again.

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@OnlineHere111 @KyleBrandt @JoshAllenQB @BuffaloBills @gmfb #BillsMafia
Now and Forever! Your MaWhoo only scored field goals, what's up with that?

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Slowly following all of #billsmafia as much as twitter will let me.

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WandaVision pretty much summed it up this way:

What is grief without love?

#BillsMafia #GoBills

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UCF WR Marlon Williams Highlights ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ᴴᴰ via @YouTube

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Been working on a fun little project the past few months. Going live later today 👀 #BillsMafia 🕷5️⃣6️⃣

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@karamarie110 He not even going to have to move #BillsMafia

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Scott Bryk (@skotbrick1970) offers some #Bills history and tells you everything you need to know about the Buffalo Bills this week! Enjoy, #BillsMafia

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Anyone else in #BillsMafia doing the @AmericanCancer 300 mile charity cycling challenge is March? I you are, let me know and we can all hold each other accountable!

#FuckCancer #CancerSucks

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@BfloFanatics @kylenaps @CashOutBF For me personally, I loved watching this year's games. For late excitement the Wildcard game and the 1st Pats game. For general good game, the Thanksgiving one last year vs the CowBoys and Steelers this year #BillsMafia

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@SalSports It’s a #Patriots myth that Hightower, Chung, Cannon, all in their mid-30’s, represent a major improvement..aging players at those positions will not save them. “Rob Gronkowski is not walking through that door...Tom Brady is not walking through that door..” @Patriots #BillsMafia

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What is the best #BuffaloBills of all time? Share your take below!

Then listen to @kylenaps & @CashOutBF share their thoughts.

#BillsMafia | #BuffaloVsEverybody

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Message from Dad on his BirFday wishes from yesterday...mid-swing:
#PhilVillapiano @Raiders @BuffaloBills @BillsLegends @bgsu @BG_Football #RaiderNation #BillsMafia

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@BeadnellJeff @nypost I'm thankful for you too. We can't be silenced if we all yell a "little bit louder now." See what I did there.. #BillsMafia

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Some notes from this must listen pod for #BillsMafia

Lots of folks talked about the Dane Jackson breakout discussion, but there’s a lot more in there

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@gobills_norcal #BillsMafia supporter my friend and y’all already know that I am a huge Josh Allen fan.

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Ok even this old sarcastic guy is getting tired of “hey X released Y #BillsMafia , what do you think?” I mean it could be the water boy and someone thinks we should consider! I’m sure McBeane has it under control because I trust the process! @SalSports thoughts?

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@aarong33 Sleeping on a folding table is peak #BillsMafia

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Good morning ☀️ Today’s going to be a GREAT day. We woke up to have another opportunity to change for the better. Everyday we must keep learning and growing. Grow to love one another and care more for people. Make today your best day yet. I love y’all, #billsmafia.

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On behalf of the #billsmafia let me say we welcome @BrandonPerna to our ranks!!!!! #gobills

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Good morning #BillsMafia

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#BillsMafia #BBBigBoard2021

Who should be player 36 on the big board?


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Tommy Tremble (6’4, 250)

Everyone in #BillsMafia loved Dalton Keene last year... this guy is Keene but better. Only 35 career catches though.

However... we want to improve the run game and this dude takes souls as a blocker.

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🤩🤩🤩 Muki's FAMbase Weekly... stay tuned for more great stuff by Muki Hawkins (@wufosports) coming your way at the #BuffaloFAMbase blog... #Bills #BillsMafia...

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Got 5 honks at a light today. Let’s go buffalo.... #billsmafia is the best fan base in the world.. When this car dies you can bet I’m doing this to my next car too.

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#FreakyFriday via Bills QB Josh Allen using his eyes to hold the safety before delivering a strike down the seam using excellent arm strength and velocity

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5 minutes of Stefon Diggs being an absolute force 👑


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First playoff win in 25 years
13-3 record
AFC East title
4,544 Pass yards
45 Total TDs

The @BuffaloBills have a STUD in @JoshAllenQB!

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New pod w/ @RSherman_25 and Bills GM Brandon Beane

-The gift I gave the GM of the Year
-How a tweet delivered Diggs
-How the Josh Allen trade up happened
-Will low cap create more super teams
-Richard’s convo with John Lynch

Subscribe and listen:

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