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@drcwhos @abc730 @leighsales @ScottMorrisonMP @AlboMP Scary statistic, that is.

And instead of HomeBuilder, I would have spent the same money and tradie hours on social housing instead.

Morrison's stimulus methodology was shockingly bad. Labor would have done it smarter with more job creation, more lasting benefits to all #auspol

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Then there's a second inquiry by Scott Morrison's CoS John Kunkel. This one is into the PMO backgrounding against Brittany Higgins' & her partner. #auspol

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@tarang_chawla Beyond heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. We need to help more. #Auspol

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There has never been a more exciting time to exposure a Wesley! #auspol

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What do you think the photo ops are for?

They don’t want you to see facts, just the narrative that benefits themselves.


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Investigation into what happened within the PMO after rape allegations were raised by Brittany Higgins has AFP approval to resume. Phil Gaetjens' inquiry was paused after the AFP commented their investigation at the same time could be problematic. #auspol

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@anotherglenda #auspol
It's ALL #LauraTinglesEyebrows' fault for DARING to call THIS 'Government' (more a cabal?) to ACCOUNT..

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@OurNewHomecoach Pastor Morrison's rambling recital of a quaint, long forgotten old parable, 'The Myth of the Cronulla Hose Holder!' Talking in tongues for the benefit of his people! #auspol #Australia #730Report

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That's about as simple a case as one can make against the lie that 'trickle down economics' benefits anyone, save for the people at the top of the pyramid. #trickledown #auspol #Budget2021

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An expanding body of evidence supports the idea that forests, in the right conditions, not only make rain locally but also hundreds of kilometres away. #auspol

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Climate emissions shrinking the stratosphere, scientists reveal. Racing to our eventual extinction. Keep burning coal the universe is better off without us. #auspol

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In the context of new report RE:pandemic, ludicrous that #LNPCorruptionParty STILL dragging their heels in approving #Vic’s proposal to built “fit for purpose” #Quarantine centre in Vic. Ideally, there should be one in each state.
Advice from #WHO: expect more pandemics! #auspol

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@LiberalAus continues to gag the debate of removing Andrew Laming.


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Jon Faine nailing it again. "Turning the basic and essential work of government into elaborate policy acrobatics to protect your mates is not serving the public interest. It's a crisis is of principles and ethics." #auspol

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Don't they have a silver lining? #auspol #auspol2021

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@HealyPip Why Scott Morrison doesn't like Twitter - 1. 'Twitter is the new Letters To The Editor, difference is we all get published'(Vince O'Grady) and 2. He can't control the narrative. #auspol #socialmedia

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@AlboMP Please remember that #WiFi was the result of “blue sky” research at #CSIRO. We need to restore funding for pure research #auspol

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All Scott Morrison does is lie. #auspol #ScottyFromMarketing #scottytheliar

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Biden is old enough to know how truly important this program is to the US, to the world. Quite unlike little #miniTrumpyScottyFromCarpeting #AusPol

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Oops – someone didn’t give the Deputy PM the child care spin lines.

He has revealed the July 22 start date is about priorities - not about "IT changes" as the government has been spinning.

Providing relief to families is simply not a priority for this government #auspol

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Jewish condemnation of Israeli attacks. #auspol

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OK, so who else in #AusPol just got reminders to "be sure you are enrolled to vote" ??
@AustralianLabor are you on top of this?? Got your voter enrolment plans ready to hit the #SocialMedia ??

#WakeUpAustralia or you will get done like a dinner, again. #MurdochCancer

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No wonder @JoeBiden has almost vaccinated 50% of US. He and his Administration take vaccination seriously and doing all to get done. Unlike MORRISCUM @thepmo half hearted attempt

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Do people feel Aus Labor party reflects the views, values & aspirations of the electorate?

If not, why do you think that is ?

If so, is there an issue with its message ?

Me: I think they do but their messaging is diluted by attempts to counter ambiguous LNP policy


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“UnitingWorld National Director Sureka Goringe expressed concern that while COVID-19 escalates for our closest neighbours in the Asia-Pacific region, the Government’s international aid spending continues to decline.”


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Water is colourless, so how come rain clouds are black?

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In the last week we have witnessed with horror and sadness the Israeli government’s murder of innocent children in Gaza, ... thread...

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.@Twitter is all but ignoring the violent and anti-Semitic tweets from leftists calling for more violence against Israel.

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Looking at audience across ABC online budget stories I'm forced to conclude that, unfortunately, the vast bulk of people really do only care about what's in the budget for them and not what it means for the nation as a whole. Politicians' short-termism reflects the voting public.

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Can wealth from billionaires and big corporations trickle down to the rest of us? I poured some champagne to find the truth about this budget 🥂💰

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SM: "Well that's your narrative, Leigh. But it's not one that I share. Umm ..."

LS: "I've spelt out the facts there."

SM: "I'll tell you what the narrative is, Leigh."

So. Facts—out; Narrative—in. Says it all. #auspol #LeighSales #ScottMorrison #abc730 #ScottyBlahBlah

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F/ing disgraceful

Sussan Ley gives her 1st women's budget speech. Is congratulated & acknowledged by Morrison

@tanya_plibersek stands to reply

Morrison turns his back & leaves the House

This is not a man who respects women, or even likes women

@ScottMorrisonMP is NOT my PM

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I'm sharing this almost every week.. Because I want people to know what a fucknuckle he really is. #auspol #Scottythefukwit

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