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#bluemaga media will continue to talk about this president so they don't have to talk about the current president

#mnleg #mpls #blm #latinx #military #ForceTheVote

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#mnleg #mpls #blm #latinx #military @wccoradio @WCCO #bluemaga #ForceTheVote

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Did @Twitter give @CHP_HQ a guy whose Tweet criticized @AOC? Does #Twitter have everyone's address?
#PrimaryAOC #PrimaryTheSquad #ForceTheVote #TwitterCensorship
via @YouTube

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BREAKING: Masks are no longer required for student-athletes competing in outdoor sports and practices, the Minnesota State High School League announced Thursday. |

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TWITTER DRAMA: Emma Vigeland, Briahna Joy Gray, Eoin Higgins, Sam Seder talk OUR Noam Chomsky Clip @Vanguard_Pod #ForceTheVote

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I bet I know what they could use right now? #MedicareForAll but WE dont have anybody W/Courage enough 2 #ForceTheVote! The Progressives bailed on us!

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Don't forget, any Tweet @AOC doesn't like qualifies as "violence."
#PrimaryAOC #PrimaryTheSquad #ForceTheVote #MedicareForAll
via @YouTube

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The full video of our conversation with @JenBriney and @ddayen, in which we critique the power Pelosi has to determine the shape of Biden's legislative agenda, and discussed how #FTV could have helped redistribute that power, is up in full on YouTube.

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Remember, their alternative to #ForceTheVote was doing nothing.

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Remember when Trump suggested we inject disinfectant to kill the virus!?

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TYT Melts Down Over Squad's Surrender To Biden via @YouTube #ForceTheVote!!!??? @CenkUygur7 @BernieSanders

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#ForceTheVote always understood that #MedicareForAll would likely lose a floor vote. The objective is to use the spectacle of the vote as an accelerant to organizing efforts that will eventually give legislators no choice but to pass the bill.

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TYT Melts Down Over Squad's Surrender To Biden via @YouTube #ForceTheVote!!!??? @TYT @DNC #FraudSquad

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Ohio-11 needs a Green New Deal 🌎

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.@KyleKulinski does a bang up job rebutting Chomsky's entry into the #ForceTheVote debate 👀

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@RepRaskin Can I finally get some healthcare too, plz ?
#MedicareforAll #ForceTheVote

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@ninaturner Poverty kills💀
Americans are much more worried about the end of the month than the end of the world.

#EndEconomicInsecurity Now!
#EndPoverty Now!

It's time for Congress to pass #UniversalBasicIncome NOW!

It's not enough to tweet, our representatives must #ForceTheVote!

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@100_Disable_vet @FightsForBernie Not only the Democrats, but also the half of the fauxgressive "left" that pretends to be just like us most of the time but will suddenly fight tooth and nail against any attempt to make actual demands of Democrats (e.g., #ForceTheVote), especially their pet favorite Democrats.

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@GlitterRacket @PaulSorrentino3 Called #ForceTheVote a stupid strategy, basically.

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we know #AOC and the Squad are owned by the democrats. these bitches sold out our votes. Failed to #forcethevote for healthcare 4all.
waving your finger, tweeting, word salad won't change our lives. Fuk da Squad and AOC

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Dear @SarcasmStardust

Just another bit of info reinforcing the @jimmydore position & most def

F ING demonstrating validity 4


The cinema lady is gonna ask her outside groups to give her the covering curtain

But our court of lapdogs bark up the wrong tree

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#MedicareForAll and #ForceTheVote demands are not comparable to children wanting candy.
Goddamn, #NoamChomsky !
God-fucking-damn I can’t believe he said that shit

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Ouch! Goddamn, @noamchomskyT
Saying #ForceTheVote and asking for #MedicareForAll is not asking for candy!

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Am I the victim of a mandela effect or did Noam already express his views on #ForceTheVote while it was going on? So why are people acting like this is new information?

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Noam Chomsky on #ForceTheVote (Chomsky's reply starts at 58 seconds)

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@PBentis @Humza343 @briebriejoy Opponents of #ForceTheVote have chosen guaranteed failure to avoid risking potential success.

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Ohhhh I get it. Anything BUT #MedicareForAll was acceptable to use #ForceTheVote for. Cool. Thanks for clearing that up -- we're not fucking dying over here or anything in the middle of a global #COVID19 pandemic.


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@ryangrim @briebriejoy This makes...literally no sense. Unless, of course, you actually *are* sitting here saying what it looks exactly like you're saying, and that's that #MedicareForAll is literally the only thing we weren't allowed to #ForceTheVote for, when for SO MANY OF US it's #M4AorDie.

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@Humza343 @briebriejoy Lol, one need only search my username and #ForceTheVote to read plenty of me engaging with the “merits” of the anti-FTV argument, over and over again, ad infinitum.

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This is a fascinating exchange. She ends it by telling members of the Arizona Chamber to (basically) go out and campaign against the bill to give her cover to oppose it!

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@briebriejoy If #ForceTheVote was not about forcing a vote on M4A, but actually about using the moment for leverage on other things then I was completely for it. In fact that’s precisely what I said on Dore’s show. He agreed, then after I hung up attacked the idea and killed the video

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US Healthcare: A play in three acts.

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Noam Chomsky weighed in on everyone’s favorite debate lol

(my sincerest apologies to the discourse)

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