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. #Wentworth women - how do you feel about this? #enoughisenough #auspol

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Third day in a row. Government members once again voting to protect Andrew Laming's committee position. #EnoughIsEnough #auspoI

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@janine_hendry Everyone who genuinely wants a better Australia will have march and rally many times before the election - to make sure our voices are heard over the Murdoch and Australian mining industry megaphones - only way #auspol #EnoughIsEnough #ClimateAction

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The true reality is that the #israeli occupation is attacking all cities including the #AlAqsaMosque & the #Zionist regime is playing the human shield game by claiming that the legitimate resistance is targeting civilians. #EnoughIsEnough of the bullying, lying & fabricating.🇵🇸🇨🇦

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Teensy weensy matter of you bankrupting hard working people to protect interests of your multi billionaire donor developers #TorySleaze #EnoughIsEnough #EndOurFireSafetyScandal

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#patriots support @CrackerBarrel

#EnoughIsEnough with cancel Culture! Get your facts straight people. @CrackerBarrel gets their name from the actual barrel of crackers.

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World Wide Demonstration 2.0

All the places I know of in 1 map, more will be added in the upcoming 2 days. For now, enjoy this picture. Where will you be saturday?🌍


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Addressing #sexualharassment + gendered violence is the business of every business. Now's the time to move from words to committed action. Join our #IStandForRespect pledge like the many Aus CEO's who've already committed action 💙 #EnoughisEnough JOIN US👉

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@NEWS_MAKER Every policeman should have to wear a body cam with audio, and have it switched on every second they are on duty...with zero tolerance....any evidence they are not what they should be..instant dismissal. End Of #EnoughIsEnough #policeundersurveilance

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Wondering Why Taking POLICE So Long to Investigate Bruce Lehrmann and #BrittanyHiggins RAPE.

5-years NSW Police investigation into Hillsong’s @BrianCHouston covering up for his PEDOPHILE Father, SAYS IT ALL

#EnoughisEnough JUSTICE for #BrittanyHiggins

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@march4justiceau @RandaltsRandal No a respectful bone in their collective bodies. Disgrace.. #EnoughIsEnough

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#FreePalestine #Gaza #AlAqsa
#SheikhJarrah #IStandWithPalestine #EnoughIsEnough #SpeakUp #Humanity #HumanRights #Peace

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@fordnation Not enough to push our valiable tewchers to the brink but you’d like to also see our experienced nurses leave as well? #enoughisenough #paidsickdaysnow #repsectforservice #NursesAreEssential

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Every ‘israeli’ claimed city was once seikh jarrah #SaveSheikhJarrah #ethniccleansingofpalestine #IsraeliTerrorism #IsraeliCrimes #EnoughIsEnough

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🙏🙏🙏 let’s pray #EnoughIsEnough

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About to speak in Parliament about the need for a stronger national response to family violence. And about how @jessradio's work is helping us have a very important national conversation to make sure we keep up the pressure for more to be done. #EnoughIsEnough

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@VernVerass @margo694 Ahhh yes, fascism.

Disdain for the arts and intellectuals.

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But I promise, the same way Andy Dufresne promised the warden, that I will be here every day I have to see it until you add a button that means unwanted content can be removed and never suggested again. #EnoughIsEnough #DomesticViolence #StopSupportingAbusers

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@KamWestcott killed it at the reunion! I ❤️@TiffanyMoonMD but too much racial propaganda and and false narrative BS. This victim mentality shit makes me🤮. I hate the word triggered and if not wanting to eat a chicken foot is against your culture U R 2 sensitive. #RHOD #Bravo

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Terrific work again by these incredible @AustralianLabor women on the Women’s Budget Statement. Not an afterthought, not for political management, just action! #EnoughIsEnough #auspol #womensbudgetstatement @tanya_plibersek @SenKatyG @SharonClaydon

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MEDIA RELEASE: Palestinian & Aus human rights orgs call on #Australia to undertake an urgent review of all trade cooperation w/ #Israel & implement effective measures to protect the Palestinian people’s fundamental human rights. #auspol #FreePalestine 1/

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@aileenwalsh16 @ScottMorrison clearly and strongly defended @AndrewLamingMP in the @abc730 interview last night! #EnoughIsEnough we need to march again because these bastards have moved on and nothing will change! #March4JusticeAgain #ListenToWomen
We’re not going away!!! 👊💪👊 🤬🤬🤬

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@birgitomo @fordnation I’m going to ride out this pandemic bc my ICU needs me but then I’m out. This pandemic has fried me & I definitely do not feel supported whatsoever. Calling us “heroes” but failing to provide safety, pandemic pay, sick days, vaccinations, etc. It’s nurses who are breaking.

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@aus_jewishnews @joshburnsmp Really? Try having a balanced view of the situation rather than perpetuating the bias #EnoughIsEnough

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Imma just say this now. If I ever land a contract in @AEW, @nwa, @IMPACTWRESTLING or @WWE making it an executive order to separate my name from "Alvin And The Chipmunks" away from related google searches... if possible 😂

#NotTheChipmunk 🤣

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What an extraordinary lack of common and professional courtesy exhibited by @ScottMorrisonMP and his cronies towards @tanya_plibersek. Respect for women? Ha! #EnoughIsEnough

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You know what?
I’ve been doin’ a lot of mutin’ lately, and it sure has made my bubble a nicer place to be 💞👌

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@KatrineHildyard @alpsa @WLSSA_AU @WSSSouthAus @OurWatchAus @YWCAAus @ZontaIntl @SoroptiTweet @WWCSA2 @EMILYsListAus @WhiteRibbonAust It's a start but will it be enough? Culture & society needs to change. Education & behaviour including equality, respect & de-normalising violence as a way to deal with anger & frustration.
#EnoughIsEnough #saparli

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@march4justiceau Definitely NOT listening. Such disrespect; such a lack of common and professional courtesy. #EnoughIsEnough

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@SharonClaydon thanks to the millions of women this year who said #EnoughIsEnough and demanded change #Budget2021

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…. I AM 👆🏼‼️

@earthma23 @survivorstrong3 @janine_hendry @murpharoo @jennamclarke @jessradio @BethanyinCBR @JennaPrice @MadamEarth @BrittHiggins_ @TamePunk @PatsKarvelas @leighsales #March4JusticePerth #Budget2021

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Thank you to everyone who has supported #SeeWhatYouMadeMeDo. It means so much to us, and to the outrageously brave people who have taken part. I hope this series is starting conversations in living rooms around Australia, and making victim survivors feel less alone.

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A NEW VIDEO: #PartyofTheInsane

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Every civilian killed is a human tragedy. Widespread & systematic firing of 1200+ missiles targeting Israeli civilians constitute crimes against humanity; attacking from residences & using human shields is yet another crime, as is incendiary incitement calling for killing of Jews

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@team_greenhalgh @UKHouseofLords What about the small matter of the building safety crisis where people are being fleeced 30k, 40k, 50k upwards to rectify building safety defects? Why is the government turning a blind eye? #EndOurCladdingScandal @RobertJenrick #seenoevil @Lendleaseuk

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@sussanley gave the first women's budget speech for the Liberals since 2007.
Full of all the right sentiments, respect, safe etc.
When @tanya_plibersek got up to reply, Scott Morrison couldn't leave fast enough.

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“Right now I’m fighting the virus”..... 8 mins earlier “it’s the states responsibility” #abc730

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Unrepentant Andrew Laming holds onto parliamentary committee role

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Sky news shows a map of China's "incursions" into Taiwan's air defence ideficarion zone. You can see the zone extends into airspace over the mainland and also the "incursions" are all much closer to the mainland coastline than Taiwan coastline 🤣

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