Na Seong-beom and Kim Tae-gun had a welcome meeting with the Chinjung team ahead of their first game of the season against NC.

On the 25th, Changwon NC Park will host the first game of a three-game midweek series between KIA and NC.

As the KIA squad took to the field for the game, two players with special ties to NC stood out.

Kim Tae-gun, who switched from Samsung to KIA, and Na Sung-bum, who returned to the team after rehabilitation from injury.

Both players wore NC jerseys from 2013 until the 2021 season, when they moved to Samsung and KIA via trade and free agency, respectively, ahead of the 2021 season.메이저사이트

Coincidentally, they were both born in 1989 and would play together again at KIA.

Coach Kang Myung-hyun welcomed the two players back to Changwon with a warm handshake and a smile, as if they were tigers catching dinosaurs.

The video shows the two tigers playing their first game in Changwon against their hometown team NC.

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