In the middle of the first inning, shortly after the game started, the St. Louis Cardinals’ starting pitcher and catcher disappeared. What happened?

St. Louis played a home game against the Chicago Cubs on April 28 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Miles Mikolas was the starting pitcher and Wilson Contreras was the catcher. However, they didn’t last past the first inning and were both pulled. Then the manager was pulled.

Here’s what happened. In the first inning, with the bases loaded and nobody out, the Cubs’ Ian Happ swung and hit Contreras in the head with his bat.

He wore a catcher’s mask, but the injury was severe. Contreras was taken out of the game and Andrew Kidner came in to pinch-hit. The catcher was out of the game from the start.

Michaelas then threw the ball straight at Happ’s hip. A ball to the body with a lot of intent. It could be seen as revenge against Contreras.온라인카지노

Even though the ball thrown by Michaelas to Happ hit him in the hip, a relatively safe area, the umpires ordered Michaelas to leave the game. A starter’s exit.

An angry St. Louis manager, Oliver Marmol, argued strongly with the umpires and was eventually ejected. Even the manager left.

Before the first inning was over, the St. Louis Cardinals lost their catcher, starting pitcher, and manager in quick succession, giving up three runs in the first inning alone.

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