From a junior to a senior. She has become someone else’s dream. Men’s professional volleyball KEPCO middle blocker Shin Young-seok (37) reached out to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance middle blocker Kim Jun-woo (23).

Shin Young-seok is a veteran who debuted in the 2009-2010 season and spent 13 seasons in the V-League. He also wore the Taegeuk mark several times and stood tall as Korea’s representative middle blocker. The cumulative record is staggering. He scored 3831 points in a total of 401 games, had an attack success rate of 59.78%, made 285 serve aces and 1146 blocks. By surpassing 1100 blocks this season, he surpassed Lee Seon-gyu (1056, current KEPCO coach) and rose to the top of the all-time men’s blocking block. He was also named 8th in scoring and 6th in serve.토토사이트

His award-winning career is also splendid. Starting with the rookie of the year award in his debut season, he won three blocking awards. He was selected 7 times in the Best 7 introduced in the 2014-2015 season. This season, among outstanding juniors, he ranked 1st in blocking (0.782 per set) and 2nd in quick attack (64.78% attack success rate), shining a spot in the best 7.

At the V-League Awards Ceremony held on the 10th, he made a meaningful move. After winning the Best 7 Award, Shin Young-seok said, “This season, I achieved my dreams and goals by surpassing Coach Lee Seon-kyu’s record. I sincerely thank my seniors and coach Lee Seon-gyu for suggesting that goal.” I will work harder in the future to become a player who is not ashamed of the juniors who look at me.”

Later, when Kim Jun-woo received the Rookie of the Year Award, Shin Young-seok took a bouquet of flowers and headed to the stage. Although he belongs to a different team, he sincerely congratulated a junior in the same position. Kim Jun-woo is the first middle blocker rookie king since Shin Young-seok. He joined Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in 3rd place in the 1st round this season and recorded 203 points (attack success rate 52.61%) and 0.543 per blocking set in 35 games. He is 6th in the league in blocking and 10th in fast attack (53.17% attack success rate).

Kim Jun-woo said, “Before the awards ceremony, I met senior Shin Young-seok. He said, ‘It would be nice if you could receive an award for the first time in a long time since me.’ It was even more honorable for me to give you a bouquet of flowers.” He emphasized, “I will try to become a player like senior Shin Young-seok.”

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