“I want to become a player without ups and downs and go pro.” Myongji University won with a set score of 3-1 (28-26, 22-25, 28-26, 25-17) in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U –

League Kyunghee University match held at Myongji University Gymnasium in Yongin on the 7th.

, 190cm) scored the most points of both teams with 26 points. In particular, he left a mark with consecutive sub-aces that ended the deuce situation in the first set. The high attack success rate of 68% was also enough to lead the team to victory안전놀이터

. Shin Seong-ho recalled that time, saying, “Actually, I was worried because I didn’t get along with the setter (Woo) Ryang-seong before the game.” Then, he smiled and said, “When the game started, he let go of the game like a good setter. Playing low and fast was a good match.”

At the time of the 2022 University Volleyball U-League, Myongji University lost 1-3 to Kyunghee University, and Myongji University tried to put the first button firmly in place . “It’s good. So I practiced blocking a lot and practiced defense like that,” he explained the preparation process. The process he passed on could be confirmed with 9 blocks. He played an important role in leading the team on the court. He also agreed,

” Last season, I felt comfortable because I had (Park) Seong-jin…” But now, Shin Seong-ho is playing the role of the housekeeper. He said, “I thought I should hit the ball a lot now. I think it will be comfortable while playing,” he said.

As I entered the 4th grade, my mindset also changed. He shouted “fighting” louder than anyone else on the court and helped energize him. He said, “Before we started, I said, ‘I will lead, so please follow me.’ Thank you for following me well, and I think that’s why I won.”

His aspirations were revealed through his performance. He calmly used his own strong serve in the tense deuce situation in the first set. He scored 4 points as a serve in this game and gave a powerful shot. He said, “I felt good as a serve, but the director told me to hit hard and comfortably, so I was relieved. It feels good to have repaid him,” he said with a smile.

With the exception of freshman outside heater Lee Yoon-jae, it is Myongji University that has not changed from last season. That’s how they got stronger and came back stronger. Shin Seong-ho said, “Our center is tall and good at blocking. That’s why I think it’s our color to shake the opponent by putting a strong serve. The coach also emphasizes the serve,” he explained.

As he decorated the start of the 2023 KUSF College Volleyball U-League with victory, Shin Seong-ho was also exceptionally determined. He set his goal as a ‘player without ups and downs’. Let’s look forward to 2023 when he can fully unleash his potential.

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